Liu Bao-Yu
Name: 刘宝玉 (Liu Bao-Yu). The translation is Beautiful Delicate Jade, but that's too much of a mouthful for most people, so she's usually called Jade
Age: 15
House: From Salem's Witches, Coven Jones
Blood Fully Blooded Chinese Witch
Wand (1): Aspen 8 inches, Huli-Jing tail hair, Flexible.
Wand (2): Huanghuali, unyielding, twelve and a quarter inches, Huli-Jing hair
Hobbies: Wushu, Tai Chi, Chinese Music, Cheer leading, Acting, Acrobatics, Makeup and Hair dressing: Everything she needs to be like Mother.

Appearance: Looks just like her mother. A small 4'10", but very pretty (movie star level) Chinese girl. She has long jet black hair and sparkling dark eyes. She loves silk, and dislike intensely most western fabrics (except the softest of lamb's wool or cashmere). She is most comfortable in her Tai Chi outfit: it is designed for movement and comfort, is cool in summer and warm in winter. She usually wears Chinese slippers: absolutely flat shoes with thin soles. Her  hair is very long, and spends a good part of everyday combing it using her most precious possession: a beautiful Japanese boxwood comb.

Around her neck she wear a silver locket with delicate pink plum blossoms engraved in it

Background - mundane world
Her mother is a movie star (one of the four Dan Actress's of China, and appears in the top ten list of attractive woman in almost every published list)

Bao-Yu is following in her mother's footsteps. She's been an extra in many films. At age 11 she got to see her first lines 'message for your Sir' as 'girl with bomb'. At age 14 she got 10 minutes of screen time in American Ninja 6, as the 'girlfriend as a young girl', which had good critical acclaim. She has been interviewed by Time magazine once, and appeared on the front cover of Vogue with her mother twice. Marie Claire did an exclusive on her two months ago (as a muggle movie star's daughter, no mention of magic)

Last year she had the role of 'the girlfriend' called Que Nan, in the movie Forbidden Kingdom III with Jet Li and Jacky Chan as ancient masters. The movie had poor reviews, but was a box office hit, maxing out the online DVD sales for two weeks.

Background - magical world
Bao-Yu is one of the 'Salem Witches Seven', a group of students that, following a prophecy, stopped the Dark Witch known as the Nightmare. She was awarded the Order of Circe (second class). Her long term boyfriend, Jack Blackley, was awarded the  Order of Circe (first class) posthumously for his role.

Last year she and Jack Blackley won the silver medal in the world wide junior (under 16) 'pair dueling' competition in Stockholm

There is a sword rack beside the bed with a razor sharp Jian (sword) with a red tassle dangling from the hilt. A suit of golden armour in on armour stand. There are two beautiful lacquered painting: one of a fox in front of house with Wudang mountain in the background, the other of a 14 year old boy. By the bed is a signed photo of Jacky Chan hugging Jade.

Coven Jones: This is the equivalent of her house in the Salem Witches Institute :
Motto: Marte et Arte-- By Valor and Skill
Color: Black
Traits: Tradition, Intellect, Strategy, and Duty
Members of Coven Jones are highly intelligent and excellent strategists. Though having the ability to get what they want by whatever means they choose, members of the Coven Jones show restraint. They believe it is their duty to show an honorable way of life by following tradition. In whatever field they choose, Jones students usually excel greatly in. Because of the way they prefer to follow tradition, at times quite stubbornly, Coven Jones is sometimes called antiquated and self-righteous.

Name: 刘姿 or Liu Tzu
Blood status: Full Chinese Wizard of the purest bloodlines going back to the Qin Dynasty. Lau Tzu was his great-great-...insert many-great grandfather, as was Li Ching-Yuen.  As he is fond of telling everyone. He is Head of the Being Division of The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures at the Chinese Ministry of Magic.

Name: 刘资欹 or Liu Ziyi.
Blood Status: Full Chinese Witch
Occupation: "Muggle Kung Fu Film Star" (heroine of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, House of Flying Daggers).
Ten years ago she was in the press a lot with a scandal in which she is accused of being a prostitute for the sum of $1m / night, and having earned over $100m. this way. The press recanted their accusations