Asuka VillaLobos
Name: Asuka VillaLobos
Age: 15 (Turning 16 later in the month)
Background: Half-blood
Wand: Monterillo, 29 cm, fairly rigid with a werejaguar blood core
Familiar: Quilla, Oscelot - 16.5 kg

Appearance: Asuka is an athletic young woman at the cusp of adulthood. Her hair is long and fine, deep black taking after her father, much like her eyes that show her Japanese heritage. She takes after her mother in almost every other way from the roundness of her face to the dark, sunkissed color of her skin.

She is somewhat imposing, at 5'7" and still seemingly growing, her shoulders are broad and her hips have been going to match. Her center of gravity low there was a sense of power to her. The ritual patters of scars that cover her arms but don't seem to stop once they reach her clothes only further lends to that look.