Amanda Davis
Name:  Amanda Davis
Age: 15
Birthday:  October 3
House: Ravenclaw
Background: Pureblood
Familiar:  Kuari, a snowy owl
Primary Wand:  Rowan, 9 1/2", Swishy, Unicorn Hair
Mystery Wand:  Yew treated with the heartsblood of a mother dragon, 8 5/8”, Flexible, unknown core.
Hobbies: Reading (especially historical fiction), board games (especially hinds and hounds), active participant in Lloyd’s Fight Club, established and leads the study group for her year and has helped the younger years set up their own study groups


Amanda is pretty in the girl next door way.  She has long, wavy, walnut brown hair that is generally worn loose.  She has warm brown eyes, a lightly tanned complexion, and delicate features.  She has an average height and a willowy figure.  She tends to wear normal wizarding clothing, frequently in shades of blue.  She has recently started experimenting with a few cosmetic charms. But, she’s been keeping them subtle.

Background Information:

Amanda is the only child of Thomas and Miriam Davis, an older couple who are far more interested in their research than they are in politics or power.  Thomas is a gifted herbologist who has developed variations on several medicinal and decorative plants.  Miriam is known in academic circles as a highly skilled arithmancer, though her work tends to be too esoteric for Amanda to comprehend, much less explain.

While not rich, the Davis family is quite comfortable financially (upper middle-class).  Amanda has always received everything she needed and most of the things that she wanted.  However, while she has no doubts that she is loved, her parents tend to be too busy to spend much time with her. Much of her care and pre-Hogwarts education was provided by servants and tutors.

So far as Amanda knows, during the wars and reign of Voldemort, her parents were basically bystanders.  Since they were pureblooded, lacked close ties to either side, and their researches weren’t seen as particularly valuable or threatening to those in power, they were left to live their lives.


Thomas Davis:  Father, noted herbologist
Miriam Davis nee Wenlock:  Mother, gifted arithancer

Mrs. Jones:  The family housekeeper, widowed

Miles Davis:  Amanda’s cousin, one year younger, Slytherin.  While Amanda has made efforts to be friendly with him, he has fallen in with the pureblood supremacist crowd and their relationship is strained and distant at best.