Athene Shoe
Name: Athene Shoe
Age: 14
House: Ravenclaw
Birthday: 31st of May
Wand: Macassar Ebony, 10 1/2 inches, somewhat rigid, dragon heartstring core

Athene has black, course curly hair and violet colored eyes.  Her skin is a medium caucasian color that she likes to call honey colored.  She's of slight above average height (5'6") for her age but still rather skinny, giving her an almost gaunt appearance.

     Athene is an orphan.  Found at the Athene Place (an office building in London) located at 66 Shoe Lane; she was placed at the Howley Orphanage (in Putney, London) while the police attempted to find who had abandoned the day old baby.  This search in the end proved to be futile and turned over to the cold case files in the bowels of New Scotland Yard.