Lloyd Biggs
House:  Hufflepuff
Age:  12
Year:  Second
Appearance:  Lloyd is, if anything, a total antithesis of his surname.  He's a short and scrawny youth with curly black hair worn long and tied behind him.  His slight frame and baby face tend to make him look even younger.  He's usually on the overall scruffy side, emphasized by his missing front tooth.  His stance is fairly relaxed, but always with an alert eye, a readiness to move if he needs to.  His right arm has a somewhat nasty scar on it which, if asked about it, he'll simply shrug and say "gator bite."  It's obvious he "ain't from 'round here".  If his appearance doesn't give it away, his accent straight out of the American south will.
Familiar:  A huge black cat, female, with a missing eye and a chewed ear.  Her name is Kharma and she's accurately described as 29 lbs. of pure muscle and purr.  An easy-going and normally friendly cat, she is more intelligent than she seems and has developed almost a protective streak towards Lloyd.