Tehrk Ridonal
Standing at roughly five feet and eight inches in height, an obvious human stands with a set of patched clothing. It isn't ragged or impoverished, it's merely there because of his job. Taking a moment to look at him, he seems a bit underweight, though a lot of his gear seems to obscure this fact.

Sporting a breathing mask and some attachment gear that seems a bit out of place for a regular person, Tehrk's face is obscured from view. A monotone voice synthesizer is all that places him between his true self and the world outside. Most people, when looking to his backside, will see a logo emblazoned on his back that shows *Scavenger's Playground*. Obviously, the man must be some kind of salvage hunter, though for what specifically is anyone's guess.

Mostly hidden (though more to the point, blending in with his gear) are two blaster pistols that remain concealed under two flaps of cloth-like material. On his sides, the pistols haven't seen much use but are kept for safety-sake.