Character Name: Luna
 Character Race: High Elf
 Age: looks to be 18 or 19 (really almost 40)
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'0
 Weight: 104
 Hair: Blue
 Eyes: Dark red
 Build: Slender
 Skin: darker tan

Appearance: Luna is a short (5'0") beautiful elf woman that looks to be in her early 20's (really more like 40). She has long dark red hair that hangs down past her waist and deep blue piercing eyes. She seems to be constantly looking around. She has a slender shapely figure with a deep tan. She tends to wear black leather halter-tops and soft leather black pants with knee high black boots. She wears a leather belt with some pouches on it as well as well as throwing knives. Over her back, she has eleven rapier.  She normally wears a long dark hooded cloak.

Personality: Luna is a fun loving and curious elf woman who likes to find new things.  She likes to travel and see new things. She loves to party and show off. She likes to get a marks confidence and then take what she needs. She has a soft spot for the poor and innocent. She loves a challenge to test her abilities but knows when to not push it.   She hates to be bored and hates stuffy people. She canít stand to wear fancy clothing that is contracting (but has done for a job).  She is confident and independent. She prefers not to kill people unless she has too.