Haradric (shortened to Hal by those who know him) abandoned the rolling meadows where he was born in a quest to see the world.  Leaving was easy, given that his parents were killed in a tragic carriage accident.  The Halfling community helped support Hal as he grew up, but lacking any real familial connections made it easy to leave.

Hal has traveled from city to city, town to town, embarking on various odd jobs and adventures.  He has no particular plan for life; he essentially lives from moment to moment, drifting from place to place, looking for adventure or excitement.

Hal's endeavors have provided him with a comfortable living, and he is now able to pick and choose his jobs.  If a job seems too dangerous, too boring, or insufficiently lucrative, he will simply reject it.  Hal is equally willing to join with others or work alone.

In short: a devil-may-care, basically happing individual without connections or allegiances who lives for the moment.