Abigail White
Abigail's mother died in childbirth, and she was cared for by her father -- sort of.  He decscended into a pit of alcoholic despair after his wife's passing.  When Abby was ten, her father got into a fight while in a drunken rage.  He killed a man during the fight, and was locked in prison.  Abby sought refuge in the local monastary, where she was cared for and accepted by the monks.  They taught her to read and write, and from this she learned of the wisdom accumulated in the books and scrolls.

Abby left the monks at the age of 19 to see more of the world.  The monks were reluctant to let her leave, fearing that she would not be able to survive outside the monestary's walls.  They elicited a promise from her that she would return every year; she smiled and only promised that she would try, but so far she has kept her promise by either returning personally or (on one occasion) sending word of her well-being -- followed by a prompt visit.  Abby is truly fond of the monks.

The monks need not have worried, as they taught her well.  She has traveled and re-traveled across the region, providing help to those who are in need when she is able.  She favors small villages and hamlets, hoping to secure the peace and tranquility for those living there.

As with all monks of her order, she is very lawful -- which she interprets as promoting justice and fairness.  Abby does not "take the law into her own hands" or dispense "her justice," but she tries to encourage just results.  She tends toward good, but is not overtly there because sometimes she responds to cruelty and oppression by others with a bit of cruelty of her own.  This occasional mean/sadistic streak -- keeps her from being classified as "lawful good."  But she's close.

Game time is six years after Abby left; she is currently 25.