Viktor is 5;10" and has a muscular figure. He isn't as bulky as a fighter would be, but his stoutness is apparent at first glance. He has long black hair that is usually tied into a ponytail behind his head. His eyes are very dark, almost black in appearance.

Viktor was born in Hera, though he doesn't know his mother's or his father's name. His father died of illness while his mother was pregnant with him, and she died giving birth to him. He was adopted by a small monastery outside of town, and was raised by his mentor Erik, along with the rest of the order. He was trained to be a monk there, where he lived most of his life.

A week after his 18th birthday, he was sent to escort a small caravan of merchants to the monastery to deliver their supplies. He went to the assigned meeting point to wait for the merchants and waited. He waited there for 3 days, but they never arrived. He decided to go back to the monastery and tell them what had happened, but he arrived at the seen of a massacre.

The entire building had been burned to the ground. There were remains of people scattered throughout the debris, but all of them were burnt beyond recognition. The only thing Viktor could find was a page laying on the ground, trapped between a rock and a tree. He picked it up, and discovered that it was a page from a wizard's spellbook. Though he could not read the magical writing, it was apparent to him what it was.

Filled with anger, he vowed to grow stronger so that one day he might be able to track down the monster that would do this to his family. He has been adventuring ever since, getting stronger. He carries that page around with him wherever he goes, always searching, always remembering.