"Beautiful women are just a conquest waiting to happen."

No one can charm like Chance can. If there's a woman in the room, Chance will probably get into her pants, if not now then definitely later. Men aren't quite as easily wooed, unfortunately, so husbands, boyfriends, lovers, brothers, fathers, etc, just want to kill him.

Or make them marry their sister/daughter/whatever at the point of a sword/axe/crossbow/fat hairy fist.

Fortunately, charming Chance has childhood friend Chinny Hallowhook to get him out of trouble as readily as he gets into it.

Chance has a crown of lustrous, chestnut-brown curls that hang beguilingly over his eyes, which are a toss up between green, brown, and blue. He has many pockets, concealed, where he hides interesting things, like tokens from pretty girls, powders, picks, and curiously strong breath mints.

Don't bother rifling through those pockets for money, however... he gambles it away as soon as he gets it.