Chinny Hallowhook
A rosy-cheeked halfling girl with a penchant for filching things from unwary pockets. Even if it's just a bit a pocket string, just the act is a thrill!

Even if she's caught, those round, rosy, dimpled cheeks and huge, thick-lashed blue eyes of hers often get her out of trouble; she's like a teddy bear or a puppy, so cute you just wanna grab it up and snuggle it to pieces no matter what it did.

She's braided her long, thick, curly black hair into two ropes which she's wrapped around her head several times. She also doesn't believe in black clothes--her attire consists of forest greens and robin-egg blues, all of a light, airy fabric. Boots of brown leather ride up her curvy legs and end mid-thigh.

Her relationship with "Chance" is a curious thing. Despite Chance's wandering bedlust, he has never attempted to besmirch his friendship with his tiny halfling companion, by "fooling around". Friends since they were young, Chance saved Chinny from entering an arranged marriage by helping her run away from home. They've been getting into trouble ever since.

Chinny's also a million times better Rogue than chance. He can toss a sword around like a fancy boy, spot a trap, make a bluff check, and lie with the best of em... but when it comes to pickpocketing, lockpicking, and stealth, he sucks.