In human form, Austringer is of merely average height, though slightly taller than most Realm non-Dragon-Bloods.  Despite his excellent physical condition and considerable strength and stamina, he is wiry rather than bulky.  He has short, straight, jet-black hair with faint cinnamon highlights and relatively fair skin that tans to gold rather than brown.  His eyes reflect his Tell: their irises are a vivid scarlet, like the eyes of his spirit form.  Moonsilver tattoos twine symmetrically across his back, down his upper arms, and cover the backs of his hands and his fingers.  Though he appreciates their benefits, he still considers tattoos vaguely barbaric and prefers to keep them covered in public.

In his mospid form, Austringer is one of the colorful, captive-bred variants rather than the grey-green wild variety.  His scale and feather patterns resemble those of the European Bee-Eater (, though his scaly breast is yellow and his back greenish, rather than the other way around.  His wings are cinnamon along the arm-bones and black along the primaries above and creamy yellow on their undersides.  His serpentine tail is primarily green above and creamy yellow beneath, with bunches of blue-green feathers at the rump and tip.  In this form, his tattoos run down his spine and along his tail.  The markings along his arms transfer to his wings, and those on his fingers become dramatic curlicues along his primary feathers.  He retains his scarlet eyes, which only become more prominent against the black eye stripes running along the sides of his reptilian head.  He is slightly larger than a standard mospid, with a wingspan of almost twenty-eight inches.

In warform, he stands nearly seven feet tall.  His colors duplicate his mospid formís.  Like a mospidís, his back is mostly feathered, while his ventral side consists of scaly plates, like a snakeís belly.  His reptilian head, with its scarlet eyes, sits atop a snaky neck.  His chest is extremely deep and powerful, to accommodate his wing muscles and keel bone, yet only slightly wider than his human formís.  His waist and lower torso are actually narrower than in his human form.  His legs are digitrade and sheathed in cinnamon-colored feathers down just past his knees.  Black scales cover his lower legs.  In this form, his formidable mospid talons are immense, comparable to a huge eagleís.  His broad wings fold against his back when not in use.  When opened, they span more than twelve feet.  Unlike a mundane mospid, Austringer also possesses a full set of wiry arms in this form.  These bear a mixture of blue-green, black, and cinnamon feathers down to halfway down his forearms, with the rest consisting of a set of black-scaled talons much like his feet, only smaller and less animalistic.  He also has a tail much like his mospid formís, only considerably larger.  In warform, his tattoos follow the pattern of his mospid form.

Regardless of the forms he takes, Austringerís eyes remain bright red in whole or part (depending on the speciesí normal eye structureóin species with visible iris-sclera structures like humans, only the iris changes).  In addition to this Tell, in many forms, his scales or fur vaguely suggest the patterns of his mospid form, particularly around his head or face, though this is only noticeable to those very familiar with his true forms.