She has the look of what was recently a fabulously pretty girl, buried somewhere beneath a cacophony of bandages, ragged but clean loose clothing, and a wide-brimmed hat, topped by an enormous backpack.  She wears oversized gloves and boots.  Trinkets, tools, and supplies dangle from hooks everywhere.  Her weapons seem to be a short bow, hatchet and dagger, all likewise wrapped in bandages and cord.  No armor is evident, but she could be wearing full plate for all you can see underneath all that cloth bulk.
     What little can be seen of Peddles herself suggests that one of her striking blue eyes is missing and that one side of her head is bald, but she does have dark red hair on the opposite side.  It is certain that she suffered and was healed from horrible burns which left her scarred; although her movements are graceful, she has a slight cant to her stance and posture, and a soft, raspy voice.
     Her default expression is one of bemusement, her eye usually closed as if suppressing a laugh with great effort.