Amerin, Full Moon Lunar
"Sky Smiting Wanderer"

Slim build, the rest of his appearance varies day to day (see Mask) other than the Tell (if anyone can see it).  If he loses the mask, he will revert to having short, smooth black hair, and handsome but angular face.

Spirit Shape: Coral snake
Anima: A purple snake coiled to strike, backed by a silver sky.
Tell: Green serpentine eyes in all forms
Motivation: Find a purpose worth fighting for.
Intimacy: Amerin is, by definition, still looking for one.  He acts as if he has a much higher compassion than he does, as he is basically trying out intimacies until he finds one that sticks.  "does this one make me feel?" no. "does this one make me feel?" no. etc.  Being raised as an assassin does that to one.

Str  5 (6 fb)    Cha  2      Per   2
Dex  5           Man  3      Int   2
Sta  4           App  4      Wits  3

Athletics 3
Awareness 3
Dodge 3
Martial Arts 5 (spec: fighting unarmed x2)(3fb)
Resistance 2
Larceny 3
Linguistics 3 (Barbarian Tongues (3 from east, 1 from north), Clawspeak, Forest-Tongue, Riverspeak)
Stealth 3
Survival 2 (1 fb)
Lore 1

Heart's Blood 1
Artfact 3: Girdle of the Chthonic Baara (3 fb) (Recognizable as anything but a normal belt only with reflexive Wits/Awareness difficulty 5.  DBT warform mutations can be re-selected (legally only, and without respect to spirit form) each time it is used. If artifact is lost, warform reverts to the original, spirit-shape related warform) Glories of the Most High: Luna page 6
Artifact 2: Moonsilver Hearthstone Bracers (1 fb) (+3 to dodge pool, +2L soak) Core book page 381
Manse 4 : Wilderness Gem (2 fb) (+4 successes to all Survival rolls, allows participation in supernatural tracking contests) Core book page 384
Artifact 2: Mask (allows alteration of appearance, grants 4 dice to Int+Larceny to disguise, grants 4 dice to all rolls attempting to misdirect the target as to one's motives) Core book page 381

Compassion 1
Temperance 3
Conviction 5 (6fb) (Curse of the Heartless Weasel)
Valor 2

Willpower 8
Essence 2
Personal: 18
Peripheral: 28 (16/44 are committed)

Charms: All from Lunars book
Claws of the Silver Moon
1st Dex Excellency
3rd Stam Excellency
Relentless Lunar Fury
Armor Forming Technique
Bruise Relief Method

Deadly Beastman Transformation
Internal Form Mastery

The clothes on his back
A large, warm cloak
A dry wit (<- case in point)

Flaws + 7fb
4 point obligation (life debt) to the full moon head of the circle that rescued Amerin
3 point obligation (major boon) to the no moon of the same circle who tattooed and  outfitted him with the artifacts
-As he declined to join the silver pact, the pack that tattooed him lost face and the relationship is strained.  They are insisting that Amerin pay them what is due.

(Standard) Warform Mutations (6 total, 1 unassigned):
Thick Skin (Scales) (2 pts)
Serpentine Tongue (1 pt)
Impossible Joints (2 pts)

Known Forms:
Human True Form
Spirit Shape (Coral Snake)
Horse (riding)