Rather short, but verth thin none the less, Aya Fu-shijo cuts a rather odd figure. Almost always swathed in the large coat she habitually wears, with the collar turned up, covering most of her face, it's hard to get a good look at her. One hand is almost constally on her prized blue jade 'fan', maple leaves gently carved into the thing. She keeps it only partly open, most of the time.

Almost every inch of her is covered, either with high boots, gloves, tights, or the moonsliver bluff jacket. Despite this, or, perhaps because of how carefully she shields herself, it's easy to see that she's extremely attractive. Short-cut black hair frames her face, with high cheekbones giving her a slightly noble air.

If one was able to peal away the layers she keeps, you'd quickly understand why she does. Most of her is covered in the gentle whorls and curves of Moonsliver tattoo's, revealing her as a Lunar. They melt down her legs, arms, hands, and even up her neck, stopping just short of her face.

Her body is slightly underdeveloped, perhaps a result of malnourishment. Thin, although not painfully so, she is rather athletic, with some slight tone to her muscles, although what catches most people's eye is how flexible her limbs are.

Most people don't put much into things, when the look her in the eyes, the magic of Luna shielding her from sruchanny that way. Impossibly red, they are clearly inhuman...and, the few people that have seen past the obscuration, to see the real her, have noted, an almost inhumanly intelligent glint, behind them.