Beatrix LeSchaye
Oh, a description of myself? Really. Well.
A poet once described me as "tall and fair, voluptuous and callipygian, with hair like spun silver and eyes like blue diamonds" and so on and so forth. Bah. While I am told I am lovely enough to inspire song by bards and poets, I frankly do not care. Perhaps I merely take it for granted, but I am more concerned with what I can do with how I happen to look.
Men never write poetry about a woman's skills and talents. Perhaps we can change that.
Anyway. I typically wear my hair up in a single tail, with a few pins. I wear a blue blouse with white trousers. Over this is a long coat with hood, suitable for any weather; it is white with gold piping, as are my knee-high boots. The boots are quite rugged, despite appearances; I've been wearing them on adventures for some time and they have yet to suffer even scuffing. My clothes are of fine materials, because they can be. I am wealthy, and I let it show a little in my accoutrements, because my wealth is something I feel I have earned, rather than something I was born with.
I wear two pendants, both holy symbols. I wear a weapon at my side, and I say with some measure of pride that I have won duels and tournaments with it. I wear just the faintest hint of a smile because I enjoy my life. At least, for now.