Evangelical Design
Evangelical Design is a tall man, six feet in height, with straight, navy-blue hair that just reaches to his shoulders.  He wears black pants made of a synthetic material, a matching black shirt with a zipper in the front, and comfortable leather boots.  A strap goes from shoulder to hip which holds his three collapsible target shields on his back.  It's covered by a long, dark blue jacket that extends to his boots.  Around his eyes is a black blindfold.

The blindfold is made with a special material that is opaque to normal vision, but near-transparent to Evangelical's eyes.  At his side he travels with a straight sword, one of unparalleled quality.  Though Evangelical has many such weapons, his favorite is a rapier embedded with diamonds and sapphires.  The sword is concealed just well enough that one can't make out its value, but visible enough that you can see he is armed.  The collapsible target shields he wears on his back, under his jacket, pop open into full sized shields with only the click of a button.  Though thin and extremely light shields, they are of the same high quality as his blade.

Evangelical's modifications to his body can't usually be seen.  His artificial nervous system and spine are all perfectly hidden under his flesh.  His artifact heart likewise is undetectable to the naked eye, though the blood that Evangelical sheds does have an odd shine due to the traces of starmetal within it.  His Arms of Multiple Manipulation have been completely integrated into his shoulder blades as well.  When summoned, the Arms appear as blue extensions of his anima which change shape for the task at hand.  Visible on the back of his neck is his skin mount hearthstone amulet, appearing as a socket with a rich brown orb in it.  As he usually wears his jacket's collar up, the amulet can't be seen.

The most obvious artificial feature Evangelical Design has is his eyes.  Starmetal has been rigged to cover all of his eye sockets, which penetrates all the way to his brain.  These eye-sockets connect to each other over the bridge of his nose, and leave just enough room for the spheres of his starmetal eyes to be placed.  The cores of the starmetal spheres glow with a faint light, like that of a star.  Evangelical Design cannot physically blink, and he needs to turn off his eyes when he goes to sleep.  Witness to the eyes Evangelical usually hides with his blindfold prove that he is no ordinary person.  In Yu-Shan, Evangelical forgoes the blindfold and usually wears elaborate blue kimonos with various designs and styles.

Picture: http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h417/deathmatchfm/Blindfold.jpg