K the Jester

Red Hair
Icy Blue Eyes
unknown complexion under makeup

K appears to be petite & impish. She wears a motley jester garb or reds & blues. It looks  about five sizes too big for her, with baggy “genie pants,” and sleeves she has to keep rolling up to uncover her hands. Her sleeves hang to her knees otherwise, though there is a slit in them for her hands to stick through in case of emergency. Her gloves are thicker then normal, and give her a cartoonish look, as do her oversized shoes.

She wears a wide jester-cap with very long, flopping points. It has more than the standard three. She wears a chocker under her garb.

Her face is lightly painted white, with black accents that resemble whiskers. She has icy blue eyes that are a surprisingly sticking feature. Her pearly white teeth are sharp, and those with exceptional perception or awareness might spot she is wearing caps on her teeth.