Okay final version of Alistr done except for the Spirit Totem background.

 Name: Alistr Hamrsoung

Caste:No Moon
Spirit Shape: Bear
Tell: Shaggy forearms ending in bear claws
Anima Banner: A large Kodiak grizzly erupting from the ground and wrapping around Alistr.

Str 3
Dex 3
Sta 3

Cha 2
Man 2
App 3

Per 3
Int 4
Wits 4

Compassion 2
Conviction 4
Temperance 5
Valor 3

Willpower 8
Virtue Flaw: Temperance Based

Favored Attribute: Str

Favored Abilities: Survival, Martial Arts

Essence:2 Personal Pool:12 Periphal Pool: 30

Survival 2
Craft 3(Known Fire, Air, Earth) (Metalwork +1, Precision Crafting +1)
Melee 2 (Hammers +1)
Resistance 1
Integrity 1
Thrown 2 (Hammers +1)
Linguistics 2(Native: Skytongue, Riverspeak, Old Realm)
Lore 3
Occult 2
Stealth 3

    Deadly Beastman Transformation

  Meerkat Alertness Practice, Keen Sight Technique, Bruise-Relief Method, Armor-Forming Technique, First Perception Excellency, First Strength Excellency, First Wits Excellency

  Heart's Blood 1, Resources 2, Artifact 3(Goremaul), Mentor 1, Manse 2, Artifact 1(Hearthstone Amulet), Spirit Totem(Mystic Bear)