Mason Vaugn
Mason Vaugn stands at a hair over 5'8".  He's kinda lanky in build due to not eating as well as he should, but it doesn't diminish his appearance at all.  He's kinda got that unkempt, rugged look about him, and his clothes are actually well-tailored, fitting him well.  He tends to wear durable clothes and boots, but he does have fine silk clothes to wear when in fancy places.  Also, when it's really hot out.  Cotton doesn't breathe as well as silk.  He tends to keep his black hair loose and falling down a little past his shoulders, but he'll tie it back when there's serious work to be done.  Overall, his appearance gives him an air of respectable traveler/huntsman.

As for his belongings, they are rather sparse.  He has a few belt pouches which presumably contain coins.  He carries a bag slung over his shoulder and attached to said bag looks to be a blue vase.  The only obvious weapon on his person is a bow with accompanying arrows.  Tucked into his shirt, an observant person could catch glimpses of a green necklace.