Sage Beckers
Name: Sage Beckers

Handle: SBeck_8

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Personality: Sage is outgoing and enjoys getting to know people she meets. She is confident in her abilities to overcome beasts and strives to do the best she can. Her preference in combat against enemies are using far ranged attacks considering the fact that she isn't strong in close range. That said, she tries her best attain as much knowledge of her opponent as possible and figure out their strengths and weaknesses before putting forth any attacks herself.
 Outside combat, she likes to hang out casually with anyone she can and anytime the opportunity presents itself, which is not often in consideration of the settings.

Appearance: Her hair is long towards her back and black with light brown highlights and her eyes are dark brown. Her skin is a brown tan and she has a tattoo of a golden butterfly on her upper right arm. She stands at 5'2 and wears a mixture of street and stylish clothes, whatever catches her interest, though none are expensive.

Occupation: She works part time in a cafe.

History: She was born to a middle class family. She one older brother of whom she both looks up to and longs to rival. Her mother works and supports the family the most due to the disappearance of her father, who left initially to fend off the beasts. It is unknown whether he is still alive or not, though her family would like to believe he is. Her older brother is the one who trained her and helped her find her own strengths and weaknesses.

Likes: Making friends, being supportive in any way.

Dislikes: Uncoordination in fights, people who think too highly of themselves.

Passtimes: Reading, Online Games, Internet surfing, Practices against monsters when the opportunity presents itself.

Family: She currently lives with her mother and older brother.

Favorite Colour: Gold