Jesse Dalton
Alias:  Jesse Dalton

Position: Part of Spatial Witsec, Secret Operative

Age: 22

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 150-ish

Gender: female

Jay or Jesse, depends on who from her present or current life is talking to her, is a talented, intuitive, and cleverly attractive female.  Along with her long legs comes with a flamboyant personality.  In her time since leaving home, she has become a much more refined and careful thinker.  She learned her best sneak and stealth skills when trying to lurk behind her father's back and sneak out or get more information over her mother's death.  She can fill any shoes whether casual or dress, but is most comfortable in blue jeans, shirt and boots.  She has long auburn hair that barely touches the lower of her waist and ravishing green eyes.

Jesse is the only child of a prominent military entrepreneur father and an Angel/Earth supporter.  After her mother died, her father started showing his true colors and while he had no clue how to raise a daughter, he made sure she had the finest of things from nannies to her own personal bodyguards.  However, she was left to her own devices most days and would sneak out.  She had several friends, mostly older, that had already joined the rankings in the Air Force and Navy as she lived in what use to be Southern Florida, on Earth.  Seeking shelter, mostly and especially after she killed her father, she simply wanted friendship and to show she was cared for.  She felt for the longest time, until she found out how her mother died, an empty pit in her heart that she never thought she could ever fill.

One evening when she was traveling to one of her friend's parties on the base, she overheard and seen her father speaking to what appeared to be a gentleman at another private night club.  She told her friend's she'd meet up with them briefly and went to scope out the scene.

Upon further investigation, she learned it was a Demon representative she was speaking with and that he was discussing the details of how he was able to successfully kill their largest target and blockade for their next move, her mother.

It took her several minutes to collect her thoughts enough to walk away before she was spotted.  Not knowing what to do, she ran off and sought help of the own government, after completing one last task in honor of her mother, she killed her father.

Now part of Spatial Witsec, she's traveling to keep her own identity secret and to remain alive.  Though, she's on an underlying mission to find who her father was working for and help bring them down.

Update via RP:
Her father was heavily embedded and indebted to the Demon forces.  He was even siphoning them people and monetary gratuities for his own cause back on Earth.
Her mother was half-Angel and kin to Commander Si.  Jesse hasn't spoken much about this, not knowing how others would act or treat her differently.  She has a sneaky suspicion that is the reason for her being aboard Hermes now, aside from the fact of how well she can fit in and disguise herself to be in the crowd.  Her Angel given name was Jess-La.

Jesse would have a sheath and katana strapped at her back.
She'd have a hip holster on right side with largran blaster and on her left thigh she'd have a thigh holster for a 35 mm magnum.  On certain jobs she'd have
a sniper rifle, but does not carry it around often.
Her 35mm and her katana/shoulder sheath/holster she would.