Katrina Losky
Name: Katirina Losky
Position: Hammer Pilot, Ensign
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 180 cm / 5' 11"
Weight: 66.7 kg / 147 lbs

 (2) ESN Silver Star
 (4) ESN Bronze Star
 (1) Angel Comet (A.K.A. The Burning Star)
 (1) Angel Gold Battle Star
 (1) Angel Silver Star
 (1) Skith Bronze Star
 (1) Felrite Siver paw

    Katirina is a tall lanky blond with shoulder length hair.

    Katirina is sometimes regarded as painfully naive. However the reality is that the blood is keenly aware of just how harsh the world can be. Despite that knowledge she refuses to let it taint her out look. She remains an optimist thru, and thru. Always trying her best to be a kind, and caring woman.

    Katirina grew up in the Russian city of Vladivostok. The only child of her parent, who where outspoken critics of the Angel regime. As a result the family often found itself under the scrutiny of the law. When Kat was ten her mother was killed by police during an anti-Angel protest. Her father was arrested at the same protest, and forced to serve a three year prison sentence.
    Katirina was placed in the care of her uncle I till her father was released. However lose of the Young girls mother lead her to begin lashing out, sometimes violently. Katirina went from honor roll student to class troublemaker in under a year. She began to make friends among the seedier elements of society. One day Katirina was offered admittance into a local gang. The young girl full of loneliness, and anger jumped at jumped at the opportunity.
    As part of her initiation Katirina was given a cash slasher, and forced to join a hunt for credit chips. The others in her gang lured the mark into the alley, and Katirina attacked. However the man turned out to be an ESN marine home on leave. The ensuing fight was impressive, but outnumbered there was only so much the marine could do. Standing above the bleeding man, Kat found she couldn't cut the mans wrist off, and instead ran off.
    That create an opportunity for the injured marine to escape. He managed to get help, and was lucky enough to survive his wounds. With his help the police soon had Katirina under arrest. Trial was an open, and shut case barely lasting a week. Due to the affiliations of of Katirian's parents, and the fact the attack was against ESN personel the prosuction successfully lobbied that she be sent to Scarborough Penitentiary. The Irish  super max prison was normally reserved for EDT, and other political prisoners that worried the Angels. However the facility had recently created a juvenile wing. With the intent of scare youngsters off the path of their elders. It was at Scarborough that Katirina met Irina Tatyana. The two bonded almost instantly,and became close friends.
    After her release Katirina vowed to go on the straight, and narrow. However fate conspired against her. Not long after her release a few friends invited her to a night on the town. At the end of the night Katirina followed her friends back to their illegal loft apartment inside the Industrial sector. In the wee morning hours the block was rocked by a massive explosion. The roof collapse, and Katirina spent the next month in a coma. To her horror when she woke she discovered that she was once more in Scarborough prison. It turned out that the apartment had in fact served as a QRF staging area for a nearby secret EDT base. The base had been destroyed by Kray Shadow in order to prevent even more wide spread damage. Katirina's past, and the circumstantial evidence  of where she was found was enough for the ESN to disappear her back to  Scarborough.
    This time however she was in the much more dangerous adult wing. The next few years where particularly hard for Kat. However she was able to earn an earlier release under the ESN conscription. She quickly earned her wings, and was transferred to Delta fleet. There she meet up with her 'sister' Irina, and managed a transfer to the Hermes.