Melia Kristensen
Name: Melia Kristensen (of the Hunter Clan)

Appearance: Short and Slender, body covered in stretch marks and scars from 2 brutal demon birthings, and various experiments and injuries. The scars appear black as night with oranish yellow 'cracks' appearing on them much like cooling lava. Her eyes are blood red with yellow irises and black pupils. Very attractive and exotic looking due to all her scars. She stands 5'2 and weighs in at 125lbs. She typically wears loose fitting pants and tight fitting shirts. Standard boots.

Personality: She is very skittish, and shy. Pushy unwanted male attention causes her to have anxiety attacks which range from her panicking and shutting down, or becoming violent. She speaks quietly, apologizes often, and is relatively submissive. The only time she becomes aggressive is when she encounters demons and goes into a rage that is difficult to divert.
 More recently the time spent with the fleet and working with Shadow have helped her address some of her own mental health issues, she is still very aggressive towards demons but has more control as of late. As far as her medical knowledge she is an extremely proficient medic, and takes her job of helping those who saved her from captivity extremely seriously.

For a person meeting her for the first time her eyes have a slightly demonic intensity, largely due to her history and the resultant PTSD/anxiety.


Age: 7-8

Melia has an adopted daughter named Orria. She was found on an operation in the hands of slavers and rescued. It was discovered that Orria's only living relatives were Empire sympathizers who had sold her into slaver. Melia took a shine to the young girl, perhaps a bit of maternal instinct surfacing.

Orria took a shine to the young Shade from the beginning, and very quickly learned to communicate with the Verian-Human child. She currently serves as the official aid and translator for Shade when Shadow isn't around. Despite her small size she isn't totally helpless having her own small side arm and knife that Melia trains her seriously. Additionally Orria is very close with Dr. Christie and spends much time in the scientists lab.

Orria was also adopted by another Soldier aboard the Hermes, John Hunter. John took sympathy on both Melia's and Orria's rough path, and as a kindness offered both of them protection and membership in the Hunter clan which Melia eventually accepted on both their behalf.