Cookie Baker
She is above average height for a girl, being 5' 8". She is slender but has some curves. Her hair is mousy brown and her eyes are also brown. She is smart and fairly confident, though sometimes she seems troubled. She watches things with a wary eye after being in combat.
 While she is usually serious she has a sense of humor when with friends.

History:Came from a small rural town in Illinois. Worked on a farm as a
kid then worked in cafes and fast food joints as a teen. Got her Food
Sanitation Manage license and was assistant manager of a fast food joint
while taking college courses. Got three Associate in Science Degrees in 2
years, as well as a few Certificates and was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa
Honor Society. Was a member of a few clubs in college. Graduated with an
Associate Psychology degree and an Early Childhood Education Degree as well
as an Associate in Applied Science Transfer Degree in hopes of going to
University as a Junior. That was before Trouble arrived on Earths doorstep.