(1) Earth Purple Heart
 (1) Earth Bronze Star
 (2) ESN Silver Star
 (1) ESN Bronze Star
 (1) Angel Comet (A.K.A. The Burning Star)
 (1) Angel Gold Battle Star
 (2) Angel Silver Star
 (1) Skith Bronze Star

Appearance: Xyran is a Occui standing at the small height of only 4ft, marred across his well toned body are scars from his life on the front lines, what little hair that he has is slightly gray as a sign of his age and stress.

Personality: Xyran is a loyal person to those he considers friends and a vicious enemy to those that would do ill upon those he cares about, he respects authority and is very professional and makes it a point to be on good terms with just about everyone he meets... his most defining trait is his intelligence and knowledge of alien technology.