Mortica is something of an enigma amongst the grim Vampics as she loves a good time. Of course her definition of a good time might be different from most but she is accorded something of a 'party girl' for one of her people. This, however, changes when it comes to the well-being of her race as a whole. She wants her people to thrive and has come to look upon the Empire with different eyes. Along with that look comes the one she's casting towards the ESN. She is beginning to believe the ESN is where her people's future is the most secure and wants to know more about the humans who seem to produce a number of strong-willed individuals such as Kray Shadow. He fascinates her and she very much wants to get to know him better.

She is a daughter born of privilege as she is the daughter of an influential and powerful General in the Vampic ground forces which makes her very well off but she did not leverage her father's position to gain her own as she is possessed of a streak of fierce independence and pride in her own hard work. She was a Lt. in SEC on the Void and turned down a promotion to Lt. Cdr. when she learned it was a political manoeuver on the part of the Bureau of Personnel, something to sway her father towards a favourable endorsement of a project in the works at the time. She will get where she wants to be on her own and may the Stars help anyone who tries anything different.