Larry the Larg
a  'runt' Larg used  as  a   guard   animal for  an EDT  Gun runner, ended up as a 'crewman'  of the Hermes , when..after being sent to Kill the LC when he entered  the  estate, , was  wounded from a fall from  the  three story building..Shadow  killed two handlers that was goig to put him   down..and..for whatever reason, patched the creature turn, the  LArg  would  save   Shadow and Lyri 2 more times that  night, while taking another wound.

 The LArg  became  attached to the crew.. and is often  seen with  Shadow, Shade  or    SM Spencer, who  as  taken him in  as an SEC 'agent'

 They  smaller them most adult  class LArgs,  his   excessive  speed, vicious attacks  and  hard lined  Loyalty  has  earned him  a spot on the Hermes ( though..there are  folks who  are less-then-relaxed  around him )