Sarah McKeon
Appearance:  6ft 2inches average build, with sharp facial features that give her a a sharp and stern appearance that is filled with life and vitality. She is very strong and well muscled as her hobbies include martial arts, and pistol shooting, and posesses a dancers grace from her extensive martial arts skills. She is by no means a model, though can be described as more of a natural athletic beauty if her looks could be described as beautiful. Her hair is kept in a close cropped buzz cut, and the clothing and her uniforms are meticulously neat and well kept.

During her deployment to Matterhorn Sarah boarded a Vampic Destroyer, The Brooding Dark, that was scouting and tried to run.. despite disabling the engine some of the Vampic crew members continued to fight, while the  Captain set  the timer to scuttle the ship. In the Ironwood boarding teams escape a Vampic trooper managed to land a shot a Sarah that glanced off the left side of her face completely destroying her left eye and causing extensive nerve damage. No Vampics  survived... her nerves were regrown, though never quite the same with there being a slight delay in her facial muscles. Her eye was replaced with a prosthetic that allows her to magnify multiple times beyond what the normal human eye can however it has a slightly unnatural look

Personality: Very even keeled and professional, Sarah rarely loses her temper. When she does warning signs include a facial tic at the right corner of her mouth, and a cold dead calm voice.  She has a tolerant management style and it has been noted in her file that Officers thar serve under her perform consistantly above the fleet average. She hates coffee preferring hot chocolate, and can often be seen drinking various beers at social gatherings.

Ship Description/Features: designed for spec op insertions, the Ironwood is was a prototype designed by Manticore Industries Inc to be a replacement for the current corvettes fielded by the ESN. After the project was canceled due to the ESN deciding to field the current corvette sloop design the ship was used as a platform to test experimental weapons systems. The ship features massive engines, more suited for the larger destroyers, that account for 1/4 (150ft) of it's length giving it comparable speed to a fast courier ship, though due to its mass it maneuvers sluggishly more closely to a capital ship. The small fighter bay has been expanded to carry 1 shuttle (2 shuttles  with out fighters) with little extra room to spare for covert ops drops allowing the Ironwood to zip through a system and drop a covert ops team and exit thus cutting down shuttle travel times and risk of detection. The ship has one additional trick, where the observation deck would be located on a larger ship houses prototype a trio of howitzer pulse cannon that is capable of firing consecutive pulse rounds "down the line" resulting in continuous fire, though employment of the system causes a slight decrease in the top speed of the vessel. The engines were extensively re-worked at Fuji to improve structural stability and gain increased power and efficiency from the massive engines.


Bridge/Key Positions:
Sarah (obviously)
XO: LC Alister Harrington
Tactical Officer: LT Scotty Termaine
Nav Officer: ENS Andrew LaFollet
Pilot 1:LT Benjamin Mayhew (Kills 18 Unconfirmed 2)
Pilot 2: LT(JG) Allison Alwaud (Kills 16 Unconfirmed 2)
Pilot 3: ENS Longwei Bai
Pool Pilot: ENS Le-Ji
SEC SGT: David Morin
Helm: ENS Alex Klattenhoff
QM: ENS Anthony Wright
Shuttle Pilot:  PO Anya Volkov
Engineer: LT Clifton Greene
Comms: ENS Soyna Montgomery