Isobel Sakura
Name: Ensign Isobel "Izzy" Sakura
Position: Combat Reporter
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Appearance: Izzy is 5'0" in height and has a slender build that along with her shoulder length black hair gives her a youthful appearance which people often mistake for naivety, a mistake that Izzy has used to her advantage on more than one occasion during her meteoric career. When on duty she wears the infantry uniform with the insignia of an Ensign in the US 25th Infantry along with the logo for the EUP (Eastern United Press). She is also probably the only person within the fleet that spends such a large amount of time on her looks and as such her hair is always immaculate, her makeup is pristine and her nails are painted in the latest style. Although some would view her efforts to always look her best as pure narcissism and vanity, Isobel simply views looking her best as an essential part of her job. She has recently taken to wearing a necklace of brightly coloured Burian stones when not in combat; a gift from her friend Samantha, who is currently serving in the Burian fleet.

She is also nearly always accompanied by her camera drone "Tali", which to the untrained eye looks to be a floating baseball studded with small black marbles, but is in fact the cutting edge of combined technology, capable of streaming live video footage no matter the environment.