Hannah Killian
Name: Hannah Killian
Position: Sailor - Communications
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Appearance: Hannah is on the short side of average, coming in at 5'5" on a good day. She has deep brown hair with natural red highlights that hangs down her back, but she keeps it confined in a low bun or braid when working. Her fashion sense isn't nonexistent, but she finds it safer to stick to functional casual clothing when not in uniform.

Personality: Her diminutive size and overall "girl next door" appearance sometimes keep people from noticing her sharp mind. She is genuinely just a nice girl with a desire to serve and do something worthwhile with her life.

History: Born in a small coastal town in South Texas, Hannah joined up as soon as she was old enough. Her home town of Fulton, once a vacation spot for upper and middle class families had long since diminished in importance. Now a spot only for the most dedicated of broke vacationers Fulton had little to offer anyone.

Her father died at sea when she was a toddler during a sudden storm out over the gulf. Her mother worked two or three jobs at once to provide for Hannah and her older brother Mitch growing up. Hannah sends a large chunk of her paycheck home to ease her mother's life. She's pretty sure Mitch does as well.