Dai was always the quietest of the group, tagging along and taking part but, never saying much. As kids he was never that great at physical activities, being outshone by many of the other children, but he was always a smart one. He read mostly, about kingdoms of long ago, about the lost magics, and the ones being discovered in distant lands, about many different religions, and the beliefs they had in common or disagreed upon.

After a certain point he started wearing very loose, concealing clothes, and a large hat that stretched out from his head a good half foot either way.Even among his friends his face remained hidden, most of the time at first, eventually always whenever he left his home. He wore robes with tall collars, and his hat shadowed out whatever was left to be seen. His yellow eyes are always visible though, so people know he's paying attention, or where he's looking. Something else Dai's friends would know about him, even with his normally quiet attitude, there are a few triggers that can get him to show a temper one would never expect from the shy exterior he puts on every other moment of his life.

One day, Dai discovered he had a magical talent, and began working day and night to perfect it, using his solid mind, he could keep focused even in the most distressing of situations, but with this self-training he became more and more separated...eventually only staying in contact with his childhood friends, and the Corenelian Princess, Sara. He always thought she was lovely, and it was quite obvious to anyone else who knew him, sometimes it would be joked he hid his face because of the constant red he was when near her.

In recent years Dai had become less secluded, feeling his magic was at a point he was comfortable with, and decided to maybe train through experience, or "on the job" as some might put it. He took an apprenticeship at an alchemical items shop, learning the basics of what goes into a potion, or similar mysterious items. This was what consumed his time for another long while, until he finished the rank of Apprentice, and became a Journeyman Alchemist, and an accomplished Black Mage.