Zeig is the daydreamer, often caught staring out into space or spinning poems in his spare time.  He is very intelligent and has a keen eye for detail. Because of this, however, he becomes bored easily and often stops paying attention when something isn't interesting enough to find something more complex to occupy himself with.  He is an avid lover of nature and the patterns found within, both physical and a more metaphysical reflection of humanity within them, which are often a source of inspiration for him.

While he is quite intelligent and sees what others often overlook, he also finds himself paying attention less often than others and those not close to him sometimes think he is a lunatic upon hearing his strange rants.  He himself is aware of this and will occasionally play this assumption off in order to get by with things.  He tends to hide his feelings behind an over-the-top positive attitude to avoid people noticing when he's hurt, but he usually only employs this around people he doesn't know well.  At times like this he will often try to redirect people's attention by playing jokes or playing his innocent/oddball act.

He often skirts the law as he feels that they are often without merit when compared to their supposed intent.  While authority figures and laws that do not follow his logic are generally not respected by Zeig, he has a strong protective nature, especially of children, and would not hesitate to prevent/ease even a strangers suffering.


"Beauty is ephemeral, lasting but a fleeting moment before the twilight, much like hope."  Eccentric did not quite describe Zeig, although it was a beginning.  Always soaring through the sky, it's a wonder his head didn't float away.  Who could blame him though?  Orphans in this world were far too common, but most never knew their parents.  Zeig had both the fortune/misfortune of having fond memories of his mother and having them peeled away, one day at a time.

It was a good while it lasted, at least.  When Mira departed unexpectedly, Zeig faithfully prayed at the temple everyday to whatever might be out there for her safe return.  There were other children like him, wards of the state, but they did not seem to bear the pain in the same manner.  Every day was another tear, another blemish on the life he once had.  He began to feel resentment for his own weakness, all the while his prayers went unanswered.  And why not?  What gods were there to grant his wish?

One day, long after he had stopped frequenting the temple he found himself drawn to it once again.  At the foot of the stairs lay a woman in tattered rags soaked in blood.  He could not bear to look at her and began to walk away. "Such is the mercy of this life."  Before he had taken but a few steps, however, a man rushed forward towards her and began chanting feverishly.  A light began to emanate from him and wash over the woman; it was the first time he had seen white magic.  It was hope.  It was beauty.  And it could not be his for he had long since turned his back on such things.

The priest began to sob, there was simply nothing he could do for the woman after all.  A single tear broke through Zeig's hardness and he went back to help the priest with the preparations for burial.  His hatred crept to the fore, his bitterness and contempt for life welled up inside of him -- and broke.  There was nothing left but a deep sorrow and pity and when he laid his hands upon the woman; it could be described as nothing short of a miracle.  The blood caked on her shoulder flecked away as the skin began to reform and stitch itself together again, there was life!  "Blessed child!"  The priest said.  "...This...is hope."

From that day on Zeig spent his time training in the clinic to be a Mage.  If he could only master this source of power, the nature of life and death, the path of all things, then maybe one day he could make up for the loss of his mother.  "Life is fickle, sometimes it gives peace and happiness, sometimes it brings pain and grief, but there is always hope."

Nowadays he is found most often wandering in the gardens, talking philosophy with Princess Sara or marveling at the plantations in the countryside.  He has few close friends, and even they do not quite understand his eccentric nature, but they recognize and accept it for what it is.  Yes, Zeig is a strange one and at times distant, but life is his muse.  He is now armed to protect those he cares for so that no others may know his suffering, Zeig the White Mage.