Jiro Koji
Power Level: 10; Power Points Spent: 169/170

STR: +3 (16), DEX: +6 (22), CON: +5 (20), INT: +2 (14), WIS: +5 (20), CHA: +2 (14)

Tough: +10, Fort: +9, Ref: +14, Will: +10

Skills: Acrobatics 8 (+14), Bluff 6 (+8), Climb 6 (+9), Computers 1 (+3), Diplomacy 6 (+8), Disguise 4 (+6), Drive 1 (+7), Escape Artist 6 (+12), Gather Information 8 (+10), Intimidate 8 (+10), Knowledge (arcane Lore) 7 (+9), Knowledge (popular culture) 3 (+5), Language 3 (+3), Medicine 4 (+9), Notice 7 (+12), Sense Motive 7 (+12), Sleight of Hand 1 (+7), Stealth 7 (+13), Survival 1 (+6), Swim 4 (+7) Search 2 (+4)

Feats: Accurate Attack, Acrobatic Bluff, All-Out Attack, Ambidexterity, Assessment, Attack Focus (melee) 2, Defensive Attack, Dodge Focus 2, Elusive Target, Evasion, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Critical (Ki Strike (Strike 5)), Improved Throw, Improved Trip, Power Attack, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Stealth, Sense Motive, Notice), Stunning Attack, Takedown Attack 2, Uncanny Dodge (Hearing), Up The Wall

Ki Manipulation (Array 10) (default power: blast)
   Ki Focus (Linked)
      Ki Strike (Strike 5) (Linked; DC 23; Mighty, Accurate (+2))
      Enhanced Trait 7 (Linked; Feats: Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Elusive Target, Improved Critical (Chi Strike (Strike 5)), Power Attack, Takedown Attack 2)
      Speed 2 (Linked; Speed: 25 mph, 220 ft./rnd)
      Super-Movement 2 (Linked; slow fall, trackless)
   Fist of the Oni (Strike 7) (Array; DC 25; Mighty, Affects Insubstantial (half ranks), Split Attack (2 targets), Knockback 10, Extended Reach (5 ft.); Attack Name)
   Merciful Spirit's Grasp (Healing 9) (Array; DC 19; Total; Distracting; Persistent, Regrowth)
   Playful Trickster's Snare (Snare 10) (Array; DC 20; Burst Area (50 ft. radius - General); Distracting; Reversible; Attack Name)
   Wrathful Kami's Shout (Blast 10) (Default; DC 25; Affects Insubstantial (half ranks); Attack Name)
   Roaring Lion's Blast (Blast 10) DC 25(DC 20 reflex); Selective, range -1(touch) Distracting, Area(burst 50 ft) Attack Name, Affects Insubstantial(half ranks)

Leaping 2 (Jumping distance: x5)
Protection 5 (+5 Toughness)
Quickness 2 (Perform routine tasks at 5x speed; One Type)
Super-Senses 3 (accurate: Hearing, danger sense: Hearing)
Super-Senses 3 (darkvision, extended: Vision 1 (x10))

Attack Bonus: +8 (Ranged: +8, Melee: +10, Grapple: +13)

Attacks: Chi Strike (Strike 5), +12 (DC 23), Fist of the Oni (Strike 7), +10 (DC 25), Playful Trickster's Snare (Snare 10) (DC Ref/Staged 20), Unarmed Attack, +10 (DC 18), Wrathful Kami's Shout (Blast 10), +8 (DC 25)

Defense: +10  (Flat-footed: +4), Knockback: -5

Initiative: +6

Drawbacks: Involuntary Transformation, very common, irresistible

Languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English, Japanese, Spanish

Totals: Abilities 46 + Skills 22 (87 ranks) + Feats 16 + Powers 38 + Combat 32 + Saves 17 - Drawbacks 6 = 165

Jiro Koji is a young martial arts progidy, one born with both the
natural gift to manipulate his own ki, and the drive to master it. He learned
the basics through his family school of martial arts and achieved his current
level of mastery by careful study and lots of practice. His streak of
willfulness and vigilantism against what he considered unacceptable acts were
both accepted by his family as signs that he was becoming more than the sum of
his training, and they (tentativly) approved.

When Omiko Nakamura started crushing on him, he thought it was just that: a
schoolgirl's crush. He never intended to take advantage of the girl, and told
her father as much, which satisfied him at the time. She was younger than he
was, and he wasn't terribly interested in pursuing romance at the time, being
focused on mastering his ki. He tried to gently dissuade her, and thought he'd
managed. When she rejected her family's arranged marriage he was as shocked and
surprised as her father, and to try and let some of the 'heat' die down, he and
his own father and uncle left Japan for an extended training journey. On this
journey, he met an old master of the ki manipulation arts, and trained for a
time under him. The three martial artists also stumbled across a Triad-run drug
operation, and stomped it flat. In response, the Triad hired a sorcerer to
curse them. His father and uncle, having greater experience with magic, were
able to resist the curse. Jiro was not. An attempt to confront the Triad
sorcerer and his escorts failed miserably, with the three barely able to escape.

Dishonored by his failure(especially in light of his spiritual gifts) Jiro left
home to train and seek a cure. He now travels the world, trying to regain his honor, hone his skills, and if possible be cured of his shameful curse, or at least find a way to control it.

Preferably, before it warps his mind - in girl form, there's all kinds of feelings that are all sorts of badwrong as far as his male ego is concerned.

Description: In male form, Jiro is about 5 foot 1, with a musculature that looks
at first glance like that of a swimmer or long-distance runner. He has brown eyes and black hair, kept in a short, straight style. His cursed form is about two inches shorter and slightly leaner of build, though still muscular. She has B-cup breasts, auburn hair, and green eyes. Despite colouration that suggests European features, Jiro's girl form still has Asian features, just western colouring.

Drawbacks: Involuntary Transformation (Gender-swap curse)
When splashed with cold water, Jiro involuntarily changes physical gender from
male to female. Drinking water does not trigger this change, but
splashes/raindrops/ect will. The transformation is reversed by a similar
application of warm water. The water needs to be reasonably pure for the
transformation to trigger - tea(cold or hot) will trigger the effect, as will,
say, juice from a powdered mix, but soda pop or natural juice will not. He also
seems to have an uncanny ability to attract cold water, especially in
circumstances where a transformation would be highly inconvenient. As ki flows
slightly differently in a female body compared to a male one, all powers in the
Ki Manipulation array count as two levels lower than normal when transformed.

Complications: Honor (Cannot abide the abuse of the weak) Jiro Koji was raised
with a firm belief that a Martial Artist cannot and should not abide certain
behaviors. He hates seeing someone abuse power (mundane or super) over someone
who cannot defend themselves, and will often interfere with such a situation
even if it would be to his advantage to just ignore it. Likewise, if he sees a
crime being committed(purse snatching, assault, ect, he will intervene. He is
aware that part of the reacton is irrational, but he does so anyway. When asked
to explain why he does this, he can't really articulate it, but tends to
summarize it with 'mostly, I just can't stand bullies.'

Enemy: The Nakamura Corporation. Takashi Nakamura's daughter became smitten with
Jiro after a chance meeting when she witnessed him foil a robbery. The two hit
it off, and while Takashi had no immediate major objections (Koji was of an old
Samurai family, and while not rich and famous, was of good stock and reputed to
be an honorable young man) when his daughter Omiko refused to accept an arranged
marriage due to her infatuation with Koji, he became outraged and tried to
prevent them from ever speaking again. Being young and willful, both defied him,
sparking further outrage. After Koji was cursed to change genders, the outrage
grew to outright hatred: Omiko found the lad's cursed form no less alluring than
his normal one. For twisting his darling daughter's mind from her family duties,
and sullying her by making her into something so dishonorable as a - gasp and
horror - bisexual, he would DIE, and painfully. Nakamura is a big enough
corporation that hiring the occasional mercenary to try and eliminate the kid is
simplicity itself to bury in the books.

Reputation: Another of old man Nakamura's tactics against Koji was to cause
rumors to be spread about him. Thus, he's known in the martial arts community,
but not in a good way. He's also got a bad rep among most police forces, and
more than a few defeated mercs looking to even the score against him.