Evelyn - Battlebabe (kasdaye)
Evelyn is a 5'8" woman of roughly 20-some years. She has a sturdy and voluptuous build. Her skin is a healthy tan and her dirty brown hair is chopped into a bob cut. She has piercing green eyes, a common trait on her mother's side of the family.

Evelyn wears a red mechanic's jumpsuit (the top half unzipped and folded down around her waist) and a tattered, midriff-baring wife-beater. Her trusty bolt-action rifle is often slung over her shoulder, and her wide and varied knife collection is strapped to the legs of her jumpsuit.

Evelyn has numerous tattoos, the most noticeable of which is a sinuous, red dragon that starts at her right hip, coils around her toned abdomen and joins up with the panoply of tattoos on her back. She has arm sleeves in the design of a bird's wings that reach down to her wrists.