Gabe - Angel (kevin_gamer)
Hello.  I am Gabe, once The Angel of Beantown.  In public my "halo" is a broad-rimmed hat which barely contains my long blond white-accented, hair.  I'm fairly pretty, perhaps mostly because I wash regularly.  If you get close enough you can see that I have caring, although sometimes haunted eyes.

As most people in this underfed world, I am a small compact person.  I generally wear distinctive clothing with lots of pockets bulging with medical supplies.

Angel - Gabe

Stats: Cool=+3, Hard=+3, Hot=0, Sharp=+3, Weird=+3

Hocus Moves:
Fortunes: fortune, surplus and want all depend on your followers. At the beginning of the session, roll+fortune. On a 10+, your followers have surplus. On a 7–9, they have surplus, but choose 1 want. On a miss, they are in want. If their surplus lists barter, like 1-barter or 2-barter, that’s your personal share.

Frenzy: When you speak the truth to a mob, roll+weird. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7–9, hold 1. Spend your hold 1 for 1 to make the mob:
• bring people forward and deliver them.
• bring forward all their precious things.
• unite and fight for you as a gang (2-harm 0-armor size appropriate).
• fall into an orgy of uninhibited emotion: fucking, lamenting, fighting, sharing, celebrating, as you choose.
• go quietly back to their lives.
On a miss, the mob turns on you.

Fucking wacknut: you get +1weird (weird+3).

If you and another character have sex, you each hold 1. Either of you can spend your hold any time to help or interfere with the other, at a distance or despite any barriers that would normally prevent it.

When you heal another player’s character’s harm, you get +1Hx with them (on your sheet) for every segment of harm you heal. If this brings you to Hx+4, you reset to Hx+1 as usual, and therefore mark experience.
When you heal someone, you see them more clearly.

Angel Moves:
Healing touch: when you put your hands skin-to-skin on a wounded person and open your brain to them, roll+weird. On a 10+, heal 1 segment. On a 7–9, heal 1 segment, but you’re acting under fire from your patient’s brain. On a miss: first, you don’t heal them. Second, you’ve opened both your brain and theirs to the world’s psychic maelstrom, without protection or preparation. For you, and for your patient if your patient’s a fellow player’s character, treat it as though you’ve made that move and missed the roll. For patients belonging to the MC, their experience and fate are up to the MC.

2nd get 2 gigs (detail) and moonlighting
Moonlighting: you get 2-juggling. Whenever there’s a stretch of downtime in play, or between sessions, choose a number of your gigs to work. Choose no more than your juggling. Roll+cool. On a 10+, you get profit from all the gigs you chose. On a 7–9, you get profit from at least 1; if you chose more, you get catastrophe from 1 and profit from the rest. On a miss, catastrophe all around. The gigs you aren’t working give you neither profit nor catastrophe.
Whenever you get a new gig, you also get +1juggling.

For the gigs she chooses:
• Brokering deals (1-barter / shut out) - on a case by case, but trying to get people to trade knowledge/ material especially about stuff that will improve peoples health

• Technical work (2-barter / shut out) - usually medical work, but can also be using the drug lab to create pharmaceuticals and occasionally recreational drugs.

Father - Michael
BabyDaddy - GusGus
Son - Bobby

Joesboy, Scout, Agg

• military body armor (2-armor valuable hi-tech)worn under
• Utility Wear with lots of pockets
• Assault Rifle (3-harm close/far hi-tech autofire)
• 4 full clips for rifle, 2 empty
• a 9mm sidearm (2-harm close loud)
• 1 grenades (4-harm hand area reload messy)
• 1 grenade tube (4-harm close area reload) (4 grenades)
• 3-stock of Angel Kit
• 2 "flashlights" from Hoss

Somewhere with Drift:
2-stock of Angel Kit

Angel Kit: all kinds of crap in it: scissors, rags, tape, needles, clamps,
gloves, chill coils, wipes, alcohol, injectable tourniquets & bloodslower,
instant blood packets (coffee reddener), tubes of meatmesh, bonepins &
site injectors, biostabs, chemostabs, narcostabs (chillstabs) in quantity,
and a roll of heart jumpshock patches for when it comes to that. It’s big
enough to fill the trunk of a car.

__ get +1cool (max cool+2)
__ get +1hard (max hard+2)
__ get +1sharp (max sharp+2)

__ get a new hocus move
__ get a new hocus move
__ choose a new option for your followers
__ choose a new option for your followers
__ get a holding (detail) and wealth
__ get a move from another playbook
__ get a move from another playbook
__ get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
__ retire your character (to safety)
__ create a second character to play
__ change your character to a new type
__ choose 3 basic moves and advance them.
__ advance the other 4 basic moves.

3rd get +1sharp (max sharp+3)
4th get +1cool (max cool+2)
1st get +1hard (max hard+2)
__ get +1hard (max hard+2) - can't take already at +2
9th get +1weird (max weird+2)
5th get a new angel move - healing touch
__ get a new angel move - maybe for professional compassion??
2nd get 2 gigs (technical work and brokering deals) and moonlighting
8th get a move from another playbook - Operator -Easy to Trust
                                            - Use cool to Manipulate/Seduce
11th get a move from another playbook
             Gunlugger - Insano like Drano (+1 Hard)
7th get +1 to any stat (max stat+3) - cool to +3
__ retire your character (to safety)
__ create a second character to play
__ change your character to a new type
6th choose 3 basic moves and advance them. - act, manipulate, seize,
10th advance the other 4 basic moves.

Dropped Angel Moves:
Touched by death: whenever someone in your care dies, you get +1weird (max +3).

             Battlebabe - Perfect Instincts (+2 to Read Sitch bonus)
             Brainer - Deep Brain Scan (ask intimate questions)
             Gunlugger - Not to be fucked with (fight as gang)
             Savvyhead - Deep Insight (+1 weird)