Morgan - Hoarder (Jaydee)
Morgan grew up in a bank vault with his little brother Chase and their mother named them after the only two words she could read.  He got used to the enclosed spaces, and now lives somewhere below the holding.

But he is not alone down there...he has the Hoard.

It all started off with his brother, who met an untimely death.  His brother's soul began to speak to him, and asked Morgan to bring to him all of his toys.  In time, the spirit child tired of those toys, and so he ask Morgan asked for a playmate, so Morgan found another dead child and brought him home.  But then that child began to cry for it's mother, so he had to go and collect her to.  But she had loved ones she wanted to join her, so over time, he has amassed a large collection.  All those ghosts want their loved ones to join them when they die, or their enemies to join the hoard so they can abuse them.  And their things - they ask for their things, because they have a hard time letting go of the world.

But Morgan is not greedy...he is always willing to trade...but what what to you think is the asking price for another person's soul?


NAME: Morgan

LOOK: A man, wearing armored scrounge wear, with a scarred face, green eyes, and a slinky body.

HARM: 3:00

STATS: Cool+1 Hard+1 Hot+1 Sharp+1 Weird+2

XP: () () () ( ) ( )

(X) Acquisitive Eye
( ) Sticky Fingers
(X) A Spoonful of Sugar
( ) Greed
(X) Appraising Eye

• +1 armor (Given to Scout)
• Pistol(Given to Scout)

• +2 stasis armor
• Assault rifle
• Shark Stick (3-harm hand noisy)

Lockpicks (Broken)

( ) get +1weird (max weird+3)
(1) get +1sharp (max sharp+3)
( ) get +1sharp (max sharp+3)
(3) get +1cool (max cool+2)
(2) get +1hot (max hot+2)
(4) get a new hoarder move: Appraising Eye
( ) get a new hoarder move
( ) add an option to your hoard
(5) get a move from another playbook: Insano like Drano (Gunlugger)
( ) get a move from another playbook
( ) get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
( ) retire your character (to safety)
( ) create a second character to play
( ) change your character to a new type
( ) choose 3 basic moves and advance them
( ) advance the other 4 basic moves


Acquisitive eye: when you see, hear about, or otherwise come to know of a thing you want, roll+weird. On a hit, you can ask the MC questions. On a 10+, ask 3. On a 7–9, ask 2:
• How can I make this mine?
• Who will stand in my way?
• Will my hoard accept it?
• Who will try to take it from me once it’s mine?
• What is this truly worth?
On a miss, your face and body language betray your interest in the thing to anyone who’s paying attention.

A spoonful of sugar: when you help or interfere with someone, after you’ve rolled, you can:
• Spend 1-barter to change your miss into a 7–9 hit, or your 7–9 hit into a 10+ hit;
• Spend 1-barter to give +2 (helping) or -3 (interfering) instead of +1 or -2.

Appraising eye: when you read a situation, on a hit, in addition to your other questions, you may ask this:
• What’s the most beautiful, the rarest, or the most valuable thing here?
When you read a person, on a hit, in addition to your other questions, you may ask this:
• What’s the best thing your character owns, or the best thing your character’s carrying?

Insano like Drano: you get +1hard (hard+3).

Hoarder Special: If you and another character have sex, use acquisitive eye as though your partner were an object and you’d rolled a 10+, even if you don’t have the move.

Hunger+3 (hunger+4 means -1 ongoing)

What kinds of things are in your hoard?
• technology, electronics, parts & wire
• others’ castoffs & discards
• the souls of those who have passed

What else is true of your hoard?
• Conscious: it speaks to you in your mind
• Voracious: if you ignore its demands, whatever you do instead, you do under fire.

At the beginning of the session, roll+your hoard’s hunger. On a 10+, the MC holds 3; on a 7-9, the MC holds 1. During the session, the MC can spend her hold 1 for 1 to:
• name a thing present. Your hoard must have it. When you give it to your hoard, mark experience and give your hoard -1hunger.
• name a thing you’ve borrowed from your hoard. Your hoard must have it back. When you return it to your hoard, mark experience and give your hoard -1hunger.
If the MC has any hold left at the end of the session, give your hoard +1hunger, to a maximum of hunger+4

To go into your hoard to look for something useful and have your hoard deliver it forth describe your situation and roll+weird. On a 10+, your hoard’s hunger holds where it is. On a 7-9, your hoard gets +1hunger. On a miss, your hoard goes immediately to hunger+4.

You can go into your hoard for jingle. Pull oddments worth 2-barter out of it and give it +1hunger.

--- session 2 ---
1) Have the hoard deliver forth something (Weird) - Playthings #2
2) Manipulate (Hot) - Playthings #55
3) Inquisitive Eye (Weird) - The Keep II #34
4) Manipulate (Hot) - The Keep II #68
5) Manipulate (Hot) - The Keep II #117 * +1 Sharp
6) Manipulate (Hot) - Playthings #72
7) Have the hoard deliver forth something (Weird) - Playthings #76
8) Open my brain (Weird) - Playthings #103
9) Manipulate (Hot) - Playthings #112
--- session 3 ---
10) Manipulate (Hot) - Kids #6 * +1 hot
11) Manipulate (Hot) - Kids #17
12) Manipulate (Hot) - Before the Council #57
13) Read a person (Sharp) - Kids #27
14) Read a person (Sharp) - Kids #48
15) Manipulate (Hot) - Kids #94 * +1 Cool
16) Read a person (Sharp) - Kids #98
--- session 4 ---
17) Act under fire (Cool) - Cattle Prod #25
18) Act under fire (Cool) - What's wrong, Boy? #27
19) Seize By force - What's wrong, Boy? #29
20) Act under fire (Cool) - What's wrong, Boy? #37 Appraising Eye
21) Seize by force (Hard) - Knit or Die #180
--- session 5 ---
22) Read the Sitch (Sharp) - Ruin of All #32
23) Hx Reset w/Gabe - Ruin of All #94
24) Open Brain (Weird) - Counter Attack #83
--- session 6 ---
25) Act under fire (Cool) - Ambush #30
25) Act under fire (Cool) - Ambush #61