Eletor Ske, Level 1, Human Avenger (Kord)
Theme: ???

Initiative +0, Perception 19, Insight 14, Normal Vision.
HP 32; Bloodied 16; Surges 8; Value: 8
AC 18; Fortitude 13, Reflex 15; Will 16
Speed 6
Save+: N/A
Resistances: N/A

[M] Melee Basic (Standard; At-Will) LV 1 * Basic Attack
Falchion: +4 Vs. AC; 2d4+0 DMG
Glaive: +3 Vs. AC; 2d4+0 DMG, Reach 1.

[R] Ranged Basic (Standard; At-Will) Lv 1 * Basic Attack
Dagger: +4 Vs AC; 1d4+0 DMG, 5/10 Range.

[M] Overwhelming Strike (Standard; At-Will) Lv 1 * Divine, Weapon
Falchion: +8 Vs. AC; 2d4+4 DMG
Glaive: +7 Vs. AC; 2d4+4 DMG, Reach 1.
Hit: I shift 1, and slide the target 1 into the space I used to be...
How does that work with Reach?

[M] Leading Strike (Standard, AT-Will) Lv 1 * Divine, Weapon
Falchion: +8 Vs. AC; 2d4+4 DMG
Glaive: +7 Vs. AC; 2d4+4 DMG, Reach 1.
Hit: One Ally next to Me or Target gains +INT(3) DMG to next DMG Roll to Target.

[M] Pass At Arms (Standard; Encounter) Lv 1 * Divine, Weapon
Falchion: +8 Vs. AC; 4d4+4 DMG
Glaive: +7 Vs. AC; 4d4+4 DMG, Reach 1.
Hit: Me, or an ally next to the Target can shift 1
Unity: If I shift, I can slide the target into the space I just left.

[M] Aspect Of Might (Standard; Day) Lv 5 * Divine, Fear, Weapon
Falchion: +8 Vs. AC; 6d4+4 DMG
Glaive: +7 Vs. AC; 6d4+4 DMG, Reach 1.
Miss: Half DMG
Effect: Until End of Encounter, I have Power bonus of +5 Athletics, +2 Speed,
+2 Melee DMG Rolls.

[CB] [CHANNEL] Abjure Undead (Encounter: Standard) Class-Feature Lv 1 * Divine, Implement, Radiant
Holy Symbol: +5 Vs. Will; 3d10+4 Radiant DMG, Close Burst 5 to One Undead Target.
Hit: Pull Target 1+WIS(4)=5. Target is Immobilized until End of My Next Turn
Miss: Half DMG, Pull Target 1
Channel: I Can only use one Channel Power per Enc.

[CB] [CHANNEL] Divine Guidance (Interrupt; Enc) Lv 1 Class-Feature * Divine
Trigger: Ally within 10 makes an Attack Roll Vs. My Oath Target.
Target: Triggering Ally
Effect: Target makes a second attack roll and uses either result.

[CB] [OATH] Oath of Enmity (Minor; Encounter) Class-Feature Lv 1 * Divine
Target:Close Burst 10, One Target I can See in Burst
Effect: When Oath Target is only enemy Next to Me, I can make Two Melee Attack Rolls,
and use either result.  Effect ends when Target hits 0 Hp, and I regain use of power.
  Does not effect 'Roll Twice and use higher' effects.
  Does not effect 'Roll Twice and use lower' effects.
  If an effect lets me reroll an attack roll, and I rolled twice because of Oath, I reroll both dice.

Alignment: Unaligned; Languages; Common, Draconic
 0 Acrobatics, 3 Arcana, 5 Athletics*, -1 Bluff, -1 Diplomacy, 4 Dungeoneering,
 6 Endurance*, 9 Hea*, 3 Hist, 4 Insight, -1 Intimidate, 4 Nature, 9 Percep*,
 8 Religion*, 0 Stealth, -1 Streetwise, 0 Thievery
 STR 10(+0/0)  DEX 10(+0/0)  WIS 18(+4/+4)
 CON 13(+1/1)  INT 16(+3/3)  CHA  8(-1/-1)
Equipment: Falchion. Glaive. Holy Symbol.

Racial Attributes: Human. +2 WIS.  6 square speed.  2nd language Elven.  +1 to Reflex, Fortitude, Will.  Bonus feat, class skill, At-will power.

Class Attributes:
Armor Proficiencies: Cloth
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple Melee, Military Melee, Simple Ranged
Implements: Holy Symbol.
Defense Bonus: +1 Fortitude, +1 Reflex, +1 Will
Armor of Faith: +3 AC when using Cloth/No armor, and not wielding a shield.
Censure of Unity: I gain a +1/2/3 Bonus to DMG rolls per Tier Against my Oath Target, for each Ally next to it.
Channel Divinity:  Can Channel Divinity once per ENC. Abjure Undead, Divine Guidance.
Oath of Enmity: See above.

Background Benefit: Born Under A Bad Sign: Starting HP based on WIS.

Critical: Falchion High Crit.

  +2 Feat AC, when Wearing Cloth or No Armor (Feat Lv1).
  Weapon Attacks Vs  My Oath Target, count damage rolls of 1 and 2, as a roll of 3 (Feat H).

Feats: Unarmored Agility(Lv1). Avenging Resolution (Human).

Additional Equipment: *shrug*
 Dagger. Whatever.

Cash Etc: Whatever.

Char BG: