Kyokuu, Level 1, Harpy [Bozak Draconian] Bard(Valor)

Initiative +0, Perception 10, Insight 15, Normal Vision.
HP 30; Bloodied 15; Surges 7; Value: 11
AC 16; Fortitude 14, Reflex 12; Will 15
Speed 5
Resistances: N/A

[M] Melee Basic (Standard; At-Will) LV 1 * Basic Attack
Longsword: +4 Vs. AC; 1d8 DMG.

[R] Cutting Words (Standard; At-Will) LV 1 * Arcane, Implement, Psychic
Wand: +5 Vs. Will; 1d8+5 Psychic DMG.
Hit: Pull target up to 2 tiles.

[M] War Song Strike (Standard; At-Will) LV 1 * Arcane, Weapon
Longsword: +8 Vs. AC; 1d8+5 DMG.
Hit: ANY ally who hits target Before End Of Your Next Turn, gets CON(4) THP.

[CB] Shout Of Triumph (Standard; Encounter) LV 1 * Arcane, Implement, Thunder
Target: Each Enemy In Close Blast 3.
Wand: +5 Vs. Fort; 1d6+5 Thunder DMG, Close Blast 3.
Hit: Push Enemies CON(4).
Effect: Slide Allies In Blast CON(4) even on miss.

[R] Verse of Triumph (Standard; Day) LV 1 * Arcane, Charm, Weapon.
Longsword: +8 Vs. AC; 2d8+5 DMG.
Effect: Until End Of Enc, You and any ally within 5 of you gain +1 power bonus
to DMG rolls.  Also, the above can shift 1 as a free action when reducing an enemy to 0 HP.

[CLASS] Majestic Word (Minor; Encounter) LV 1 * Arcane, Healing
Range Burst 5 (10 at lv 11, 15 at lv 21).
Target: You or One Ally in burst.
Effect: Target can spend a heal surge with bonus HP= CHA(4),
you can also slide target 1.
Special: Can be used Twice an Enc, Once per Round.
At Lv 16 this raises to three times an Enc.

[RACIAL] [CB] Dragon Breath Harpy Voice (Minor; Encounter) LV 1 *
Target Each Enemy (Unless I WANT to shoot Ally) in Close Blast 3.
Harpy Voice: +7 Vs Reflex; 1d6+4 Thunder DMG.
Effects: Allies In Blast get +1 To-Hit Until End Of My Next Turn.

Alignment: Harpy Hugs; Languages; Common, Draconic.
 4 Acrobatics*, 6 Arcana*, 0 Athletics, 5 Bluff, 9 Diplomacy*, 0 Dungeoneering,
 7 Endurance, 1 Heal, 4 Hist, 5 Insight*, 11 Intimidate*, 1 Nature, 1 Percep,
 2 Religion, 0 Stealth, 5 Streetwise, 0 Thievery
 STR 10(+0/+0)  DEX 10(+0/+0)  WIS 10(+0/+0)
 CON 18(+4/+4)  INT 12(+1/+1)  CHA 18(+4/+4)
Equipment: Wand(voice), longsword(claws), Chainmail(bardy outfit).

*NOTE: Physical skills havea  -1 due to chainmail.

Racial Attributes; Dragonborn: +2 CHA, +2 STR/CON. 6 Speed. Languages Common, Draconic. Skills +2 History, +2 Intimidate. Dragonborn Racial, Dragon Breath/Dragonfear (Picked Breath).
Instinctive Flight: Gain a Fly Speed of 6, Altitude Limit 1. I Must Land at the end of my turn. Can not Fly if carrying more than a Normal Load. (Replaces Draconic Heritage)
Arcane Blood: +1/2/3 per tier racial bonus to Arcane attack power DMG rolls. (Replaces Dragonborn Fury).
Dragon Breath: CON, Thunder. See Power.

Class Attributes:
Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, Leather, Hide, Chainmail; Light shields.
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple Melee, Simple Ranged, Military Ranged, Longsword, Scimitar. Short sword.
Implement: Wand.
Defense Bonus: +1 Reflex, +1 Will.
Bardic Virtue; Virtue Of Valor:: Once Per Round, when an Ally within 5 of Me drops enemy to 0 Hp OR Bloodies them, I grant Temp HP to that Ally. 1+CON(4)= 5  (Lv 11, 3+CON. Lv 21, 5+CON).
Bardic Training: Free Ritual book, Free Ritual Caster Feat, Two Free lv 1 Rituals (One Must have Bard requirment).  1 time a day per tier (H1/P2/E3) you can perform a ritual of your Lv or lower without expending components (But must pay specialty costs and use required focus).
Majestic Word: See Power. Range 5 per Tier. Twice an Enc but once a Round. Lv 16 becomes 3 per Enc.
Multiclass Versatility: Can Multi Multi Class.
Skill Versatility: +1 to untrained skills.
Song Of Rest: When you play an instrument or Sing during a Short Rest, You and Any Ally who can hear you are affected by Song Of Rest.  When affected Characters spend heals surges, that character gains your Cha(+4) more HP with each surge.  Songs Of Rest do not stack.
Words of Friendship:  Once an Enc as a Minor action, you gain +5 to the next Diplomacy check you make before the End Of Your Next Turn.

Signs Of Influence:
  Attract Attendants: In places that like bards, up to three fans will function as servants for mundane tasks.
  Welcome Guest: In places that like bards, public Inns will let you perform to cover room and board for you and up to seven allies.

Background Benefit: Brother in battle.  Unlock Endurance on C list. +3 Endurance.

Critical: N/A

  Dragon Breath can only Target Enemies, grants Allies in Blast +1 To-Hit Until End Of My Next Turn (Feat).

Feats: Ritual Caster(Class). Bolstering Breath(Lv1).

  Traveler's chant(Lv1): Comp 10, Focus worth 5 GP (Instrument). 10 Minute Cast, 8 hours. No Check.
Party has +2 the slowest party member's world map speed
  Fastidiousness(Lv1): Comp 10, 10 Minute Cast, 24 hours. No Check.
You are dirt proof and such.

Additional Equipment: Ritual Book.

Cash Etc: Total GP Value; whatever

Char BG: Shrug