Nina, Level 1 Drow Rogue(Scoundrel)
Theme: Spy

Initiative +4, Perception 10, Insight 11, Darkvision.
HP: 24; Bloodied 12; Surges 7, Value 6
AC: 16, (20 Vs. AoO); Fort 11, Reflex 16, Will 14
Save+: N/A
Resists: N/A
Speed 6

[M] Melee Basic (Standard; At-Will) Lv 1 * Weapon
Dagger: +5 Vs. AC; 1d4+0 DMG.

[R] Ranged Basic (Standard; At-Will) Lv 1 * Weapon
Dagger: +9 Vs. AC; 1d4+4 DMG, 5/10 RNG.
Short Bow: +7 Vs. AC; 1d8+4 DMG, 15/30 RNG.
Shuriken: +8 Vs. AC; 1d6+4 DMG, 6/12 RNG.
Sling: +7 Vs. AC; 1d6+4 DMG, 10/20 RNG.

[M] Clever Strike (Standard; At-Will) Lv 1 * Martial, Weapon
Dagger: +9 Vs. AC; 1d4+4 DMG.
Special: If an ally is next to the target and able to attack it,
I have CA vs target for this attack.

[M/R] Sly Flourish (Standard: At-Will) Lv 1 * Martial, Weapon
Dagger: +9 Vs. AC; 1d4+8 DMG, 5/10 RNG.
Short Bow: +7 Vs. AC; 1d8+8 DMG, 15/30 RNG.
Shuriken +8 Vs. AC; 1d6+8 DMG, 6/12 RNG.
Sling +7 Vs. AC; 1d6+8 DMG, 10/20 RNG.

[M/R] Shadow Strike (Standard; Encounter) Lv 1 * Martial, Weapon
Dagger: +9 Vs. AC; 1d4+4 DMG.
Short Bow: +7 Vs. AC; 1d8+4 DMG, 15/30 RNG.
Shuriken +8 Vs. AC; 1d6+8 DMG, 6/12 RNG.
Sling +7 Vs. AC; 1d6+8 DMG, 10/20 RNG.
Special when Hidden: If you are already hidden when you make the attack,
You remain hidden after, hit or miss.

[CBlast 3] Blinding Barrage (Standard; Day) Lv 1 * Martial, Weapon
Requirement: Must be wielding a valid ranged weapon.
Target: Close blast 3 vs enemies (No friendly fire).
Attack: Weapon Vs AC.
Hit: 4 DMG. Target is blinded until the end of your next turn.
Miss: 4 DMG.

[Racial] [CBurst 1] Cloud Of Darkness (Minor; Encounter) *
Effect: You create magical darkness for Close Burst 1. It blocks Line Of Sight. It lasts until the End Of Your Next Turn.
Squares inside it are Fully obscured. Creatures fully inside it are blind.
You are immune to all this.

[THEME] [M] Skulking Spy (Move; Encounter) * Personal
Effect: Shift up to your speed.  If you have any cover or concealment
at the end of those movement, you can make a stealth check to hide.

Alignment: Nina.
Languages; Common, Elven.
 9 Acrobatics*, 0 Arcana, 5 Athletics*, 9 Bluff*, 10 Diplomacy*, 0 Dungeoneering,
 1 Endurance, 0 Heal, 0 Hist, 1 Insight, 6 Intimidate, 0 Nature, 0 Percep,
 0 Religion, 11(13) Stealth*, 4 Streetwise*, 9(11) Thievery*
STR 10(+0/+0)  DEX 18(+4/+4)  WIS 10(+1/+1)
CON 12(+1/+1)  INT 10(+0/+0)  CHA 18(+4/+4)
Equipment: Daggers. Shurikens. Sling. Leather Armor. Shortbow.
Etc listed below.

Deity: Sehanine is pretty cool I guess.

Racial Attributes: Drow +2 DEX, Choice of +2 CHA/+2 Wis. 6 Speed. Darkvision. +2 Intimidate, +2 Stealth. Elven Language.
Fey Origin: You have the Fey Keyword, relevant to stuff that specifically effects Fey.
Lolthtouched: Choice of either Cloud of Darkness, or Darkfire Power (Picked Cloud Of Darkness, see above).
Trance: Instead of normal 6 hour sleep to counts as a "Long Rest", you can meditate for 4 hours while fully aware if your surroundings.

Class Attributes:
ROGUE (Scoundrel)
Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, leather.
Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, Hand Crossbow, Short Sword, Shuriken, Sling. (Shortbow Added)
Defense Bonus: +2 Reflex
Sneak Attack: When I attack and hit an enemy Granting CA with Light Blade, Hand Crossbow, Shortbow, or Sling.  Deal 2d6/3d6/5d6 extra DMG per Tier.  I can only deal this extra DMG once per turn.
First Strike: At the start of an Encounter, I have CA vs any target that has not yet acted.
Rogue Option; Scoundrel Weapon Talent: Shuriken Damage increases by one Die size.  +1 Flat To-Hit bonus with Daggers.
Rogue Tactics Option; Artful Dodger: +CHA(4) to AC Vs AoO.
HOUSE RULES; 1: Thievery can be used to Detect Traps (Or things close enough without the Keyword) and Detect Locks/Switches/hidden doors.

Theme Benefits
Level 1: Skulking Spy power.  Move; Enc.  Shift up to your speed, and can make a hide check if move ends in cover or concealment.
Level 5: +2 Power to Bluff and Perc.
Level 10: Can use Bluff instead of a Knowledge or Diplomacy check, when interacting with someone (or cheating on a test/skill challenge).

Background Benefit:  Forgot which one!:  Unlock Diplomacy and Insight on Class list. +1 Diplo and Insight.

Critical: N/A

Unlock Shortbow prof, and functionality for Rogue powers that normally use crossbows(Feat lv1).

Combat Advantage Granted By:

Bonuses During Combat Advantage:

Feats: Moonbow Stalker(Lv1).

Additional Equipment: Standard Adventurer's Kit, Thieves Tools(+2 thievery), Climber's Kit (+2 climb), Dagger Boots(+2 Climb,-2 Sneak when walking), Footpads(+2 Stealth for sound reasons), Flotation Bladder. Ten foot pole. Gambler's gear.
Misc usual stuff.