Corvus Level 7 Tiefling Warlock (Dark Pact)
Theme: Vile Scholar

Initiative +3, Perception 13, Insight 13, Low-Light Vision.
HP: 57; Bloodied 28; Surges 8, Value 14
AC: 20; Fort 17, Reflex 19, Will 20
Speed: 6
Resists: 8 Fire. 5 Necro.
Saves: N/A

[M] Melee Basic (Standard; At-Will) * Melee Basic
Staff: +7 Vs. AC; 1d8+2 DMG.
Eldritch Strike: See power.

[R] Ranged Basic (Standard; At-Will) * Ranged Basic
Hand Crossbow:+7 Vs AC: 1d6+2 DMG. Range 10/20

[M] Eldritch Strike (Standard; At-Will) LV 1 * Arcane, Weapon
Staff: +12 Vs. AC; 1d8+8 DMG. Reach 1.
Hit: Slide target 1.
Melee Basic

[R] Spiteful Glamor (Standard; At-Will) LV 1 * Arcane, Implement, Psychic
Staff +10 Vs. Will; 1d8+8 Psychic DMG, Range 10
Special: If Target is at Max HP, 1d12+8 Psychic DMG.
  Default Flavor: Just looking at you is too spooky to handle, even if the enemy is Blind (Because Psychic powers).

[R] Darkworm Feast (Standard; Encounter) LV 1 * Arcane, Implement, Necrotic
Staff: +10 Vs. Will; 2d6+8 Necro DMG, Range 10
Hit: Target is Slowed until the end of your next turn.
Dark Pact: A Hit Target takes Extra 3(INT) Necro DMG at the start of it's next turn.
  Default Flavor: Shadow worms burrow into target's body.

[R] Your Delicious Weakness (Standard; Encounter) LV 3 * Arcane, Implement, Psychic
Staff: +10 Vs. Reflex; 2d6+8 Psychic DMG, Range 10
Hit: If the Target had any Vulnerabilities, Your attack instead deals damage of that type,
If they have multiple Vulnerabilities, choose one.
Dark Pact:  If the target takes damage of a type they are Vulnerable to, Add +INT(3) Psychic DMG.
  Default Flavor: This is way too purple prose for me to not just copy paste in full.
"The Voices whisper of the cold between stars, between lives.  You smile, and the spell that surges
out against your enemy bites with teeth of glaciers down into boiling blood"

[R] Infernal Moon Curse (Standard; Encounter) LV 7 * Arcane, Implement, Poison
Staff: +10 Vs. Fort; 2d8+8 Poison DMG, Range 10
Hit: Target is immobilized floating 5 feet (1 tile) off the ground, Until End Of Your Next Turn.
  Default Flavor: You surround them with poison moonlight as they float unable to move.

[RACIAL REPLACEMENT] Warlock's Wrath(Minor; Encounter) LV 1 * Arcane, Fire
Effect: Until the End Of Your Next Turn, you get two buffs.
A: +CHA(4) To All Defenses.
B: Any enemy who attacks you, takes Half level(3)+INT(3)= 6 Fire Damage.
  Default Flavor: You cause a swirling fire around you, both protecting you
and burning those who dare attack you.
  Note to GM: Hey GM, totally make Minions kill themselves on this.

[MULTICLASS] [WALL] Howling Wall (Standard; Encounter) LV 1 * Arcane, Evocation, Implement
Area: Wall 6, within 10.
Target: Each Creature in wall.
Staff: +9 Vs. Fort (No DMG)
Hit: You slide the target up to 2, and it is Slowed until End Of Your Next Turn.
  Wall Spells Explanation: You are given an amount of tiles you can draw a line with.
That line is the 'Wall' (So you can zigzag it to make a big square or rectangle, for example).
You can draw this over targets (And is often required, such as this power).
This particular power doesn't leave a lasting wall, it merely uses the method for targeting.
  Default Flavor: You blast a select area with wind.

[THEME] [R] Dark Speech (Standard; Encounter) LV 1 * Fear, Implement, Shadow
Staff: +10 Vs. Will+Fort+Reflex on a SINGLE ROLL. Range 5, Target must hear you.
Hit results: determined based on defense beaten.
Fort: Knock prone.
Reflex: Grants CA until end of your next turn.
Will: Push up to it's speed.
  Default Flavor: You curse at them in True Abyssal.

[R] Malicious Shadow (Standard; Day) LV 1 * Arcane, Cold, Conjuration, Implement, Necrotic, Shadow.
Staff: +10 Vs. Reflex; 3d8+8 Cold AND Necro DMG.
Miss: Half DMG.
Effect: I Conjure a shadow in an unoccupied tile next to target.
Shadow lasts until end of my next turn. Enemies next to Shadow grant CA.
While Shadow persists, I can use Secondary attack through shadow.
Sustain Minor: Shadow persists until End Of My Next Turn.
  [M] Secondary: Immediate Interrupt. Arcane, Cold, Implement, Necro, Shadow.
Trigger: Enemy willingly leaves tile next to shadow on it's turn.
Attack: +10 Vs. Reflex; 10 Cold AND Necro DMG, Immobilized until end of it's next turn.

  Default Flavor: You rip off a chunk of enemy shadow and make a spooky shadow monster.

[RA] Well Of Shadows (Standard; Day) LV 1 * Arcane, Implement, Necrotic, Shadow, Zone
Target: Burst 1 within 10, Vs All.
Staff: +10 Vs. Reflex; 1d10+8 Necro DMG.
Hit: Target is Slowed, (Save Ends)
Effect: The burst creates a one until the end of Encounter. Enabling Secondary AoO power.
  [R][AoO] Implement, Necrotic, Shadow. Range 10.
TriggerAn ENEMY enters the zone Willingly, or ends turn in it.
Attack Of Opportunity: +10 Vs. Reflex. 5+CHA(4)= 9 Necro DMG.
Hit: Target is Slowed (Save Ends).
If The Target is Already Slowed, instead it is Immobilized and takes Ongoing 10 Necro DMG (Save ends both).

  Default Flavor: Pool of darkness.

[UTILITY] Spectral Fade (Minor; Encounter) LV 2 * Arcane, Illusion.
Effect: You become invisible until the End Of Your Turn (Or do stuff to break it, like attack).

[UTILITY][R] Malicious Shadow (Minor; Encounter) LV 1 * Arcane, Conjuration, Shadow, Teleportation
Effect: Create a shade in an unoccupied square within 5.
Shade occupies square and lasts until End of your next turn.
Shade can be attacked, uses your defenses, and is destroyed if it takes any damage.
While shade exists, You are Insubstantial, and can use the Shade as origin of your attacks.
Aftereffect: When shade is removed, You can teleport to the tile it used to be in.

Alignment: Unaligned
Languages; Common, Deep Speech, Abyssal.
 3 Acrobatics, 11 Arcana*, 2 Athletics, 14 Bluff*, 7 Diplomacy*, 3 Dungeoneering,
 5 Endurance, 3 Heal, 11 Hist*, 3 Insight, 12 Intimidate, 3 Nature, 3 Percep,
 11 Religion*, 5 Stealth, 7 Streetwise, 3 Thievery
 Note: +2 Knowledge Checks.  +8 Monster Lore Checks.
STR  9(-1/+2)  DEX 10(+0/+3)  WIS 10(+0/+3)
CON 15(+2/+5)  INT 17(+3/+6)  CHA 19(+4/+7)
Equipment:  Staff Of Ruin +2(Lv8) Summoned Leather Armor +2(Lv6). Amulet Of Protection +2(Lv6).
Hand Crossbow (Inherent +2).

Racial Attributes: Tiefling. Medium. 6 Speed. Low-light Vision. Spare Language.
Stats: +2 CHA, Choice of +2 CON/INT.  Picked INT.
Skill Bonus: +2 Racial Bluff, Stealth.
Bloodhunt: +1 Racial Bonus To-Hit Vs Bloodied.
Fire Resistance: 5+Half Level Fire Resist. 5+3= 8.
Infernal Wrath: REPLACED, with Warlock's Wrath Feat power.
Warlock's Wrath D8 Curse Dice. Warlock's Wrath Power.
  Encounter; Minor. Arcane, Fire.  Effect: Self Buff. Until the End Of Your Next Turn, +CHA(4) to All Defenses, and Each enemy that attacks you takes INT+Half Level (3+3=6) Fire DMG. (Note to GM: Please let Nina bait Minions into killing themselves on her with this).

Class Attributes:
Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, Leather.
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple Melee, Simple Ranged.
Implements: Rods, Wands.
Defense Bonus: +1 Reflex, +1 Will.
Eldritch Pact ; Dark : Dark pact gives the Spiteful Glamor At-Will.  As well as the Darkspiral Aura pact boon.
Prime Shot: +1 Bonus to targets no Allies are closer to than me.
Shadow Walk: On my turn, if I move at least 3 away from my starting position, I gain Concealment until end of my next turn.
Warlock's Curse: Once per turn as a minor action, I can place a Warlock's curse on the nearest enemy I can see.  Can be placed on multiple enemies. Once per turn I can deal extra curse Damage when I hit cursed with an attack.  1d8/2d8/3d8 Per Tier.
Darkspiral Aura: When an enemy under your Curse is dropped to Zerp HP or less, Add 1 Darkspiral point. Darkspiral Points reset to Zero on a Short or Extended Rest.  These points are used for the Darkspiral Aura Interrupt power.

Darkspiral Aura (At-Will;Immediate Interrupt) LV 1 * Arcane, Necrotic, Psychic.
Trigger: When an enemy makes a Melee or Ranged attack against you, you can use this power as an Interrupt.
Hit (with no hit check): 1d6 Necro+Psychic Damage to target, for each Darkspiral point you spend.
Damage increases to 1d8 and 1d12 at Paragon and Heroic.
Special: If you deal LESS than 12 DMG, your Points are reset to Zero.
If you deal 12 DMG or more, You cause the Enemy's attack to be weakened (so you take half DMG), and Your points reset to 1.

Theme Details:
Vile Scholar:
  Level 1: Learn Abyssal. Gain Dark Speech power. When interacting with Evil creatures, gain +2 Bonus to Bluff, Diplo, and Intimidate.
Dark Speech (Standard;Encounter) Lv 1 * Fear, Implement, Shadow
Target Range 5, one creature who can hear you.
Attack: +12 Vs Will, Fort, and Reflex with a SINGLE ROLL.
Hit: Effects depend on which defenses were beaten by the roll.
Fort: Target falls prone.
Reflex: Target grants Combat Advantage until End Of Your Next Turn.
Will: Push target up to it's speed.
  Default Flavor: You curse at them in true Abyssal.

  Level 5: +2 Power bonus to Knowledge Checks.  Including Monster Knowledge checks for Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, or Religion Everything, because I say so.
  Level 10: Whenever you use a Close or Area attack power and attack one or more allies with said power, +2 Bonus to Hit rolls with that power.

Background Benefit: Monster Hunter:  +2 Bonus to Monster Knowledge Checks.

Critical: +2d10.

  +2 to DMG Rolls Vs Bloodied Targets (Boon).

  Prof with Wizard implements. Arcana Training. Learn a Wizard At-Will as an Encounter power. (Feat Lv1).
  Get a Familiar. Specter Chosen. (Feat Lv2).
  +1/2/3 Feat to-hit per tier with Staffs for Weapon and Implement powers. Do not trigger AoO for ranged staff attacks. Whenused as a Melee Weapon, Staff has Reach 1. (Feat Lv4).
  D8 Curse dice. Warlock's Wrath power replaces Tiefling Racial power (Feat Lv6).

Feats:  Arcane Initiate [Multiclass Wizard](Lv1). Arcane Familiar(Lv2). Staff Expertise(Lv4). Warlock's Wrath(Lv6).

Speed: Hover 6.
Constant Benefits:You gain +4 Bonus to Monster checks To Identify dead creatures To everything, because I ay so.
5 Resist Necro, if you already Resist Necro add +2.
Active Benefits: Familiar has Phasing, and does not provoke Opportunity Attacks.
Familiar is immune to Necro damage.

Familiar Rules:  When Passive, they are basically "In your tile" but also incapable of being harmed or targeted in any way. But they also can't do anything themselves.
When Active (Minor action to toggle), They can be up to 10 Tiles away from you before they get kicked back into passive mode next to you. Some Familiars bypass this.
If they take ANY damage  in Active Mode, they die until your next short rest (They have same Defenses as you).
Familiars can only understand and communicate with their owner. (Some Familiars bypass this, Like the one Terdisas took).

Familiar Mount Ritual:
Normally Warlocks don't come with ritual casting.  But I'm handwaving you the ability to cast this low level ritual just because.
It takes 5 minutes to cast.
Turns your Familiar into a Large sized (4 tiles) Mount for 12 hours.
Or, if it takes Any damage at all. Then it pops back into passive mode.

  Crimson Determination(Lv4): +2 to DMG Rolls Vs Bloodied.

Additional Equipment: Whatever.

Pile of cash

Char BG: