Sanctuary is a unique individual, if not the most unique adventurer.

His past is brutal and downtrodden, it is a miracle that he survived to become the man he is today.

Born to a drunken wench of a mother, and to a prone to acts of violence father, Sanctuary knew nothing of luxury or that of much of the outside world. Branded as an outcast from birth, due to his deformities (hunched back, lazy eye, and melted face), Sanctuary knew only ridicule and scorn. Sentenced to live his early years in the dark depths of the slums, few people really knew Sanctuary even existed. Which likely explains his limited vocabulary. And honestly speaking, Sanctuary wasn't even the name given to him a birth, if ever a name was given.

It is believed that his namesake came later in his childhood when he would flee the depths of the slums to find solace in a nearby chapel. In this structure, Sanctuary learned what he could from the priests and clerics, though never possessing any talent in the Holistic arts. They set him to task: ringing the church bells, washing bedpans of the sick and dying (which he showed remarkable resistance to such fowl diseases), and other menial jobs. He seemed to enjoy it and so they let him be well through his teenage years.

When a blaze swept through the slums the chapel was decimated, along with those that called him an acolyte of their god. What saves Sanctuary from certain death was that he was away on a task, to fetch herbs from a local merchant. Upon seeing the flames sweep over the building, and hearing the screams of the pious Sanctuary tried to rush in to save them. But he was restrained by bystanders who knew his attempt to save those within would be fruitless.

With no other church in the area, Sanctuary made a life of being a laborer. His unparalleled strength and stamina made him the perfect worker. That was until a cavalier nearly trampled Sanctuary that his life changed from common man to adventurer. The time had come to leave the city and see the world. For ten years Sanctuary aided the cavalier, sailing the seas and riverways, scaling mountains and delving into dungeons. After years of adventuring, and multiple injuries, the cavalier chose to retire. He offered for Sanctuary to stay, but the gentle giant wanted more.

And so it came to be that Sanctuary found himself wondering the well-beaten paths searching for adventures.


For all purposes, Sanctuary functions as a cleric. Fights like a monk.  But acts like the big dumb fighter. He doesn't wear armor nor does he carry a weapon.