Terdisas, Level 7 Changeling Sorcerer (Storm)
Theme: Scholar?

Initiative +7, Perception 14, Insight 16, Normal Vision
HP: 52; Bloodied 26; Surges 6, Value 13
AC: 21; Fort 15, Reflex 19, Will 22
Speed: 6
Resists: 5 Lightning. 5 Thunder.
Saves: +2 Item To Save Throws Vs. Poison Keyword, Weakened, Slowed, Immobilized.

[M] Melee Basic (Standard; At-Will) * Melee Basic
Staff: +7 Vs. AC; 1d8+3 DMG
Dagger: +? Vs. AC; 1d4+2 DMG

[R] Ranged Basic (Standard; At-Will) * Ranged Basic
Dagger: +13 Vs. AC; 1d4+6 DMG, Range 5/10
Dragonfrost: See Below
Hand Crossbow: +12 Vs. AC: 1d6+6 DMG, Range 15/30 10/20

[R] Lightning Strike (Standard; At-Will) LV 1 * Arcane, Implement, Lightning
Staff: +10 Vs. Reflex; 1d8+13 Lighting DMG, Range 10
Hit: New Target of choice within 10 of Hit takes Dex(4) Lightning DMG.
Storm Magic: I can Chose to deal 1d8+9 To Target, and 8 to Arc instead.

[R] Dragonfrost (Standard; At-Will) LV 1 * Arcane, Cold, Implement
Staff +10 Vs. Fort; 1d8+13 Cold DMG, Range 10
Hit: Push Target 1
Special: Can be used as a Ranged Basic.

[R] Thunder Slam (Standard; Encounter) LV 1 * Arcane, Implement, Thunder
Staff: +10 Vs. Fort; 2d10+13 Thunder DMG, Range 10
Hit: Push Target 3.

[R] Pinning Bolt (Standard; Encounter) LV 3 * Arcane, Implement, Lightning
Staff: +10 Vs. Reflex; 2d6+13 Lightning DMG, Range 10
Hit: Target is knocked prone.  Target Slowed until EndOMNT.

[R] Thunder Bomb (Standard; Encounter) LV 7 * Arcane, Implement, Thunder
Target: All Targets in Area 1, Range 10.
Staff: +10 Vs. Fort; 2d8+13 Lightning DMG, Range 10
Hit: Targets are Slowed Until End Of My Next Turn.
Target in Origin Square is Immobilized instead.

[R] Ice Javelins (Standard; Day) LV 1 * Arcane, Cold, Implement
Target: 1,2 or 3 Targets, Range 10
Staff: +10 Vs. Reflex; 1d10+13 Cold DMG.
Hit: 5 Ongoing Cold DMG, (Save Ends).
Miss: Half DMG.

[R] Serpentine Blast (Standard; Day) Lv 5 * Arcane, Implement, Lightning
Staff: +10 Vs. Reflex; 3d10+13 Lightning DMG, Range 10.
Miss: Half Damage.
Special: Ignores Cover and Concealment,
but not Superior Cover or Total Concealment.

[UTILITY] Good Timing (Free; Day) LV 2 * Arcane, Personal
Trigger: I miss a target with a Sorcerer Attack Power.
Effect: Reroll the triggering To-Hit Roll. If I still
miss even after Reroll, I take Psychic DMG =Cha(4),
and regain the use of that Power At Start Of My Next Turn.

[UTILITY] Lightning Shift (Move; Encounter) LV 6 * Arcane

Effect: Shift My Speed, Ignore difficult terrain.

[RACIAL] Changeling Disguise (Minor; At-Will) * Personal
Effect: Duh, +5 Bonus to Bluff for purpose (14+5= 19, +21 with D Kit)
Becomer:  +10 Bonus for Human. (19+10= 29, +31 with D Kit)

[RACIAL] [M] Changeling Trick (Minor; Encounter) * Melee 1
Target: One Target
Effect: Make Bluff check vs passive Insight, success gains CA
Vs Target Until End Of My Next Turn (Of course, you know, Melee...)

Alignment: Unaligned
Languages; Common, Primordial, Draconic.
 7 Acrobatics, 8(14) Arcana*, 2 Athletics, 14 Bluff*, 14 Diplomacy*, 4 Dungeoneering,
 3 Endurance, 4 Heal, 8 Hist*, 6 Insight, 12 Intimidate*, 4 Nature, 4 Percep,
 3 Religion, 7(9) Stealth, 14 Streetwise, 7 Thievery
STR  8(-1/+2)  DEX 19(+4/+7)  WIS 13(+1/+4)
CON 10(+0/+3)  INT 11(+0/+3)  CHA 19(+4/+7)
Equipment:  Staff Of Ruin(Lv8)+2, Summoned Cloth Armor(Lv6)+2,
Amulet Of Physical Resolve(Lv7)+2. Crimson Determination(Lv4)H.

Racial Attributes: Changeling. +2 Cha, +2 Dex/Int. Size Medium. 6 Speed. Language Common. +2 Bluff, Insight. +1 Will. Change Shape. Changeling Trick. Shapechanger keyword.

Class Attributes:
Armor Proficiencies: Cloth.
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple Melee, Simple Ranged.
Implements: Daggers, Staffs.
Defense Bonus: +2 Will
Spell Source: Storm Magic
Storm Power: +Dex(4) Damage to my Arcane Powers, Paragon Dex+2, Epic Dex+4.
Storm Soul: Gain Resist 5 Thunder/Lightning, 10 Paragon, 15 Epic. While this is active, I ignore up to my Resist to Thunder/Lightning. If I am hit by an attack, I can end this resistance as an Interrupt to gain +4 Power Bonus to all Defenses until End Of My Next Turn, a short/long rest returns resist.
Storm's Embrace: Natural 20 on an Arcane attack roll lets me Push Target 1, then Fly 1+Dex(4)=5 after applying the attack's other effects.

Background Benefit:  Prison Conversion; Dragon 366.  Add Streetwise to C List, +3 Streetwise.

Critical: +2d10(Staff)

 Parrot (Looks like whatever Bird it wants)
 Speed 2, Fly 5(Hover)
 Constant Benefits: +2 Diplomacy, Streetwise.
 Active Benefits: Familiar can speak any language I know, and can converse with others. I hear what it hears and says. I can dictate it's answers.
 Note: Default Familiar range, 20 (So, 100 Feet).

  +2 Item DMG Rolls with Any Attack via staff (Staff).
  +2 Item To Save Throws Vs. Poison Keyword, Weakened, Slowed, Immobilized (Neck)
  +2 Flat DMG Rolls Vs. Bloodied (Alt Item).
  +1 Flat Implement DMG Rolls (Shard).
  Footpads, Camo Clothing; +1 Item Bonus to Move Silent, Hide. (Footpads/Camo).
  Becomer Feat; Human, Streetwise, Primordial, +5 Bluff for faking Human. (Feat).
  +1 Feat Per Tier To-Hit with Staff Weapon/Implement attacks, Ranged/Area Implement attacks via staff do not trigger AoO, Staff Weapon Melee has reach +1 (Feat).
  Staffs count as double weapons, both ends deal 1d8 DMG, secondary end is Defensive + Stout + Offhand (Feat).

Feats:  Becomer(Lv 1). Arcane Familiar(Parrot;Lv2). Staff Expertise(Lv4). Staff Fighting(Lv6).

Additional Equipment: Any PH1 ADV Gear they have blah blah.  Footpads, Camo Clothing, Disguise kit, Fine Clothing (noted so I remember it).
Dagger, Distance Hand Crossbow(Lv1)+1.
Siberys Shard Of The Mage(Lv3).

Cash Etc:
Pile of cash

Char BG: