Gaspard Leseur
He was born in the slums of Paris, son of a whore, and a soldier with no name. Once his mother perished from consumption, he ran the streets with other cast offs of similar unions. His only true friend. Was that of the local parish Priest. that took an interest in Gaspard.Seeing something more then the lad saw himself, the rare time he beheld his own reflection, the Priest taught him letters and sums at the Church.
  One night, the Priest attempted to stop local ruffians from stealing of the Church poor box, he got a knife thrust as a reward for his efforts that ended the Priestís
 Life. It was said the only time Gaspard wept  before or after, was at the Priestís grave side. The following days where spent in vengeance, as the knife of Gaspard wreaked a bloody vengeance on the killers. Now his life is once filled with, blood, violence, and greed.