Issac De Portau
Issac is a short and stocky man with a barrel-chest, broad shoulders, and powerful arms. He has dark curly brown hair that falls to his shoulders. He is known as one of the strongest in the King's Musketeers. Rarely is he seen without his rapier and uniform, but he is skilled in espionage, so he travels in ordinary clothes at times. Issac's dark brown eyes are equally capable of showing both anger and merriment.

Issac has a fiery temper and is known to duel over any slight, both real or imagined but is very loyal to his King and companions. Issac's deep baritone voice carries. He loves a good jest, carousing, and swordplay. He hopes to rise all the way to Captain one day. Until then, he is fine with his lot in life and enjoys all that being a King's Musketeer encompasses!