Prime Minister Sero Vathii
Sero prefers to where bright colors which make him stand out. Aside from his cloak (Which marks him as Guardian of the Circle) he'll wear a shirt (usually bright green,) pants, and deer skin shoes. Sero is also often seen wearing a red beret with a lens attached to it. Former anthropologist, Sero has seen quite a bit of the world. In addition to his ability to talk to a great many people Sero is a powerful wizard and a cunning strategist. Sero is the first man to be named "Guardian of the Circle" for thirty-five years due to the Muse not finding any wizards worthy of the title.

He was given the title after successfully defending an overt magical assault on the Circle itself by a powerful demon. After defending the Circle the muse herself gave him the cloak. Despite this Sero has only recently been elected Prime Minister by the senate. Many feel that although he is more than qualified tho protect the circle he has been far away for too long to lead the people.