Emperor Yokurai Takashima
Yokurai wears a truly masterful suit of Tamahagane Steel Armor that's so light  it doesn't restrict his movement and it always shines as if it were in the sunlight. Underneath the armor he wears very fine blue and white kimono with patterns of water, Mountains, Trees and black leather sandal's. Yokurai has a tattoo of The Great Dragon of Water wrapping around his body and left arm. With him always he carries an exquisite one of a kind Tamahagane Daisho. Given to him by The Elemental Master of Water using a secret technique to Forge and infuse the Katana and sacred ink of the Tattoo with the essence of The Great Dragon of Water Ryogosu.

It was given to Yokurai as a gift after he was able to save the spirit of the dragon by defeating and taming the corruption that once cursed The Great Dragon into a state of madness. He also carries a master crafted Yumi(Long bow) with Quiver full of arrows and a white leather Water-Skin with a golden dragon wrapping around the jug that studded with diamonds. Also he wears a set of Rare Blue Sapphire-Jade Buddhist Bends and carriers a fan made of white silk with patterns of blue, gold, Silver and Black.

Yokurai is the son of Lady Yoshiko The Kami of Air and Lord Norusune former Emperor of Saito. He has long white hair, lightly fair skin and is young and handsome with a very athletic physical build. He about 6'0 ft tall and weights about 175 lbs. He has a bold but tempered attitude and speaks in a dignified manner. He trains diligently each day to obtain perfection by reaching true enlightenment and sends some of his time reading and studying different philosophies as well.