Xalur Forell
Xalur wears dark, flashy, and often gem-encrusted doublet and breeches. Often a beautiful sapphire ring or necklace can be seen on him in court. Xalur may be flashy and gaudy in appearance but inside the facade hides a wise and cunning mind. Was mostly known as the guy in the senate to whom how he got there nobody knows. Although shortly after Sero's rise to Prime minister Xalur has been appointed chief advisor. The real Xalur has a wise and cunning mind he often doesn't like to show (usually preferring to let a potential threat mistake him for a fool).

He usually prefers flexing his intellect through his leadership of the Techno Wraiths and Wraith Patrols (a fact known only by very few, but Sero was able to deduce). His once "foolish" public antics have died down. Although he understands Sero's choice in saying there is none more qualified to be chief adviser than himself Xalur finds the decision irritating at times since he must act "wiser" in front of the court now.