Arcadia is Safia’s home. Born the third child and only daughter, Safia followed in the footsteps of the males in her family. Her father, as well as both of her older brothers, are warriors. Fighters.  While her brothers were endowed with brawn, Safia was blessed with agility of both muscle and brain. Observant and studious, she gained knowledge through any and all means available. While her mother (who is a bard) taught her much of the world, Safia learned how to fight by sparring with her brothers.

There is a quiet intensity about Safia that calls to mind the great golden beasts of Katapesh—magnificent, graceful creatures; every bit as beautiful basking in the glory of the sun as they are swift and deadly in the hunt at night.

A blue-eyed beauty of intense design, she is quick, focused, and fierce in battle, yet surprisingly friendly by nature. She possesses a remarkable breadth of knowledge that often grants her advantage over enemies even before a battle begins.

“A fight won without a single weapon being drawn is the best kind of victory.”

Safia Ar’thusa Nagi is a fighter with a heart of gold.

Glory and Gore ... Lorde
Survival ... Eminem